2017 Audi A3 Sportback review

2017 Audi A3 Sportback review  when it comes to family hatchbacks few cars take quite as many boxes as this

the Audi a3 Sportback now the sport back is the five-door version of Audi’s a

premium hatch and it takes on the light to the BMW 1-series Infiniti q30 and Mercedes a-class and

it’s been one of our favorite family hatches ever since it was crowned what

cars Car of the Year back in 2013 since then both the three and five-door

versions have been regularly amongst our most recommended thanks to its punchy

2017 Audi A3 Sportback review

and economical engines excellent build quality and ease of use not to mention running costs that are

cheaper than most of the competition but there’s more to the a3 though there is

literally a version for everyone whether you like the wind in your hair feeling

from the convertible the adrenaline rush you get from the supercar slaying our s3

version the cheap running costs from one of the diesels or even the green

credentials from the each one hybrid you really are spoilt for choice

one of the benefits of being part of the Volkswagen family is that there’s no

shortage when it comes to engines as it makes a petrol diesel and even a hybrid

I’ll pick you the range though is the Warrington 48 brake horsepower 1.4 liter

turbocharged petrol now that features a cylinder shut down which shuts down two

of the four cylinders at cruising speed to help with economy urban drivers will

like the 1 liter TFSI three cylinder engine which is sweet around town but

isn’t exactly nippy on faster roads and more powerful 2 litre petrol is better

suited for this but overall is prett hard to recommend given how good the 1.4

is on the diesel front the entry-level 140 brake horsepower 1.6 liter is smooth but not very gutsy

and at the – 2 litre diesel which compact 148 or 181 brake horsepower

the latter is an absolute belter petrol heads will absolutely love the s3 it’s

available as a three or five-door and is powered by a 2 liter petrol engine with

a four-wheel drive it’s capable of doing nought to 60 in under 5 seconds and that

will trouble a Porsche Cayman for pace but if you want to take it one step

further then there’s the turbocharged RS 3 version which gets a 5 cylinder unit

and that will do nought to 60 in just over 4 seconds if comfort is the top of

your wish list then you’ll have to pit carefully when it comes to spec levels

it’s best to opt for the SE and se 10 ik thanks largely to the 16 inch alloy

wheels and suspension which offers a good blend of ride comfort and the body

control sport versions get larger 17 inch alloy wheels and the option of a 50

millimeter suspension drop which can be but if you go for the s-line though it

gets worse because of the 18-inch alloys and a stiffer suspension although you

can deselect this and for no extra charge as you’d expect the s3 and rs3 by

their very nature that their sports cars the suspension is lower and stiffer

further but they don’t ride battling at all the a3 is particularly good when it

comes to handling it’s not just reserved for the sporty s3 and rs3 while the

steering doesn’t give lots of feedback that is well weighted and precise and

there’s more than enough grip with very little body roll Aldys magnetic ride system is an

optional extra on most versions but in reality it’s an expensive other that

really isn’t necessary when it comes to refinement the a3 is quieter than most

of its rivals with our favourites 1.4 liter TFSI petrol smooth and quiet in

fact even the diesels are very undies alike in their tone just note that the

larger the alloys the more road noise will intrude into the cabin

the e-tron hybrid is pretty accomplished so that’s a pretty impressive start for

the a3 but this is a premium hatch with a premium price tag so how does the

interior stack up to the competition it’s no secret that when it comes to

interior Zhou D is tough to beat all the cabin materials are first-rate and you

won’t find any cheap plastics on show anywhere in fact it looks like the dash

has been taken straight out of one of our these executive saloons and don’t

think that it’s all show without any substance this is a very usable and

practical car as you’d expect the steering wheel is fully adjustable as to

is the seat it’s just a shame that the adjustable lumbar support is an optional

extra as you’d expect the sporty of the car the more supportive the seat with

the sport and s-line addition getting chunkier side bolsters the visibility is

excellent too with slim front pillars and large windows but as too often is

the case the rear window is quite small which can make reversing a bit tricky

there is a comprehensive list of parking gauge from sensors from some rip a

camera as well as an assist system that will identify a space and automatically

reverse the car into it but as you would expect it all comes at a price the dash

layout is clean and functional and everything is intuitively placed with

the air conditioning neatly located in the middle of the center console and all

the infotainment functions are controlled via this rotary dial down

here by the handbrake the steering wheel is our wash with buttons and it will

take a bit of getting used to one neat feature though is the virtual cockpit

which is available as part of our these technology pack advanced it’s a fully

digital twelve point three inch instrument cluster that replaces the

conventional dials and displays preferred information from big speed

dials and rev counters to a map to help you navigate or even help you scroll

through your music or phone book the infotainment system is at one of the

neatest in the business it’s called Howdy’s a multimedia interface or MMI

and it’s controlled via this rotary dial down by the handbrake and displays all

the information the 7-inch monitor which rises out of

the dash it controls everything from your satellite navigation the Bluetooth

on your phone da Bao and your music it also acts as a monitor if you’ve got a

reversing camera now the system itself is very simple to use especially on the

go and it’s aided by these shortcut buttons down here by the dial it means

that you can quick reference things like your satellite navigational map

telephone radio or music through your phone so if you want to pair your phone

again a very simple operation simply click through using the shortcut down to

telephone connect the mobile phone find new devices then click on continue it

will do a quick search then pop up on your phone use the rotary dial to select

the phone you want to pair and pair it to your phone click OK

very very simple and that then pairs all your music as well as your contacts for

your phone very straightforward likewise if you want to set a destination on your

satellite navigation then simply click on nav and then you’ll get a prompt to

say where would you like to go now one neat trick with this system is that the

rotary dial will act as a pad where you can actually write letters rather than

having to scroll through so if we want you to say London for example I could

write an L on the pad it’s definitely something you couldn’t do on the move

but it’s quite a neat little system and it’s a little bit quicker than having to

scroll through everything so we can click on London London and use the dial

to select the point it started route is being calculated very straightforward as

with most systems like this it will take a little bit of playing with and a

little bit of getting used to but once you have familiarized yourself with all

the functions and buttons using it will be an absolute Donald which ever a3 you

plug for bit the three or five-door you’re not going to find much more space

in here than you would a Volkswagen Golf now this Sportback version does have a

slightly longer wheelbase which means rear passengers do get a little bit more

legroom it is a better suited for two people in the back rather than three

largely because of shoulder room and anyone sat in the middle seat will have

to deal with this rather uncomfortable central transmission tunnel there isn’t

much in the way of storage in the back however as the side pockets are

restrictive and will only fit a small drinks bottle there’s nothing too

revolutionary about the versatility of the rear seat see them they fold down

60/40 but don’t slide back or forth depending

on where they water prioritize boot or cabin space

on the whole the boot isn’t a bad size or shape the sport box is a slightly

larger than the three-door though and with the rear seat slope you can carry

up to 380 litres which is exactly the same as the Volkswagen Golf be warned

though if you do go for the full wheel drive version or the e-tron boot space

is a little more restricted the a3 is a fuel economy and co2 emissions is

comparable with the very best in class the most apart from the e-tron hybrid of

course is the 1.6 liter diesel which emits less than 100 g/km of co2 returns

an official average fuel economy of under 75 miles per gallon the more

powerful 148 brake horsepower 2-liter diesel is almost as efficient despite

the extra power but if green motoring is important to you then the a3 Sportback

aforementioned each one is the one to go for emitting just 38 g/km of co2 and

returning an official combined fuel economy of over 165 miles per gallon as

well as doing 18 miles on battery power alone standard equipment levels a

generous even basic SE trims come with aircon 16-inch alloy wheels bluetooth

xenon headlamps daytime running lights apple carplay cruise control as well as

a neat infotainment system we’d be inclined to stick to this back but added

rear parking sensors and sat-nav Aldi is a premium brand and while the initial

thought is that you’ll be paying a premium price you might be surprised to

learn that it doesn’t cost much more than a Volkswagen Golf and on many PCB

deals it actually works out cheaper per month it will also hold onto its value

better than the Volkswagen – as we said at the start of this review the Audi a3

remains one of the best family hatchbacks in the business few rivals

can match it the build quality refinement wide selection of engines and

practicality that includes other cars from the Volkswagen Group that have

built on the same underpinnings and not cludes the Volkswagen Golf Skoda Octavia

and sabayon with such a wide choice of engines and trim levels you really will

be spoiled for choice but once you’ve whittled down your shortlist one thing’s for sure you won’t be disappointed for

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