2017 Audi RS5 review

2017 Audi RS5 review hello and welcome to another  first drive video today we’re in beautiful Andorra with this the new Audi rs5 coupe a like the a5 on which it’s based

this is a lighter car than before and also a faster one this is good for

naught to 60 in a supercar rivaling 3.9 second and with an optional dynamic pack

is good for 174 miles an hour what I really want to know though is how much

fun is it on these mountain roads and there’s only one way to find out you

2017 Audi RS5 review

don’t have to drive the rs5 for long to realize that this is a car with a dual

personality if you’ve got it in auto mode and you’re driving in a sensible

manner it’s pretty comfortable for a sports coupe eh and the gearbox slurred smoothly between

shifts if however you flick it to manualmode and then put it to dynamic –

Sheldon everything up make it a bit louder this is a very very fast car that

nought to 60 time of 3.9 seconds we can totally totally believe but while this

thing does have fantastic grip the steering always feels a little bit

lifeless and though it is very precise and you know exactly where the nose of

the car is so kind of makes you want to things off a little bit calm

down and focus on the usual aldi good bit so this interior feels wonderfully well

screwed together and looks great th infotainment system has a rotary dial

between the seats which makes it really easy to navigate and speaking of

navigation the sat-nav is really simple to follow even if you’re somewhere you

have never been before like here we’ve now had the chance to drive the rs5 on a

wide variety of roads from urbaenvironment to motorways to these

wonderful twisting roads what we can tell from that is that this is an

incredibly accomplished machine you can crews come to me all day long you can go

incredibly quickly in a straight line and thanks for the Quattro four-wheel

drive the traction you get out of these hairpin bends is truly incredible what

you’re unlikely to find however is that last degree of fun that marks out a car

like an m4 competition pact for instance still if you want an all-weather express

with some practicality and truly shocking straight line performance the

rs5 is definitely well worth considering don’t forget to subscribe to what

car.com on YouTube and also check out our website for a full review of this

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