2017 BMW M140i review

2017 BMW M140i review we’re already big fans of the BMW 1-series family hatchback but what if you’re looking for more performance what if you want the fun inducing grin that

you get from more power and more speed but you still want those creature comforts enter this their BMW 140 I and it’s up against some seriously fast hatchbacks

cars such as the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS are some of its rivals unlike those cars so this one is rear-wheel drive so it’s being W take on

2017 BMW M140i review

the hot hatch a recipe for disaster or a blueprint for success keep watch things for the answer at the heart of it M 140 I it’s a three liter turbocharged

straight-6 engine it produces a lovely old score growl and a heavy 335 brake horsepower which is more than both the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R and

when you put your foot down you can really notice extra shell you compare this engine with either an 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox both

are excellent I mean we love the novelty of changing gear ourselves however the automatic will up shift in a specific fashion far quicker than you can so

that’s the one we recommend despite its sporting nature the ride in this sample view is forgiving and the optional adaptive dampers allow you to tailor its

settings for your comfort you’ll feel more bumps around town than you would in a conventional hatchback but it’s more comfortable than many other cars of this type

take this car on a countryside B Road and it feels very good the steering is responsive when turning into corner even if you don’t get a lot of feedback

through the wheel the interior of the regular BMW one tooth is already a fine place to be so it’s no surprise that the m1 forties interior is just as good you

get these supportive leather sport seats which have plenty of adjustment meaning is easy to find the right driving position quality is just as good as a

regular car as well with plenty of soft touch materials in fact you have to reach all the way down here to find any rough plastic visibility is mostly good

but the 1-series does have a slim back screen which hinders the rear view you can spec reversing parking sensors as part of a driver comfort pack and

reversing camera is also on the options list infotainment is an area where the m14 TI really shines because it comes with B&W iDrive system it’s one of the

best on the market it’s easily controlled with this rotary doll and quick to respond now every vehicle gets bluetooth DAV and auxiliary in but what

I’m going to do now is program a destination in the Sat Nav and pair my mobile phone let’s see how easy that will be first of all then I’m going to

pair my mobile phone if we scroll to communication let’s see where we might do that yes connect the new telephone and if I make sure that the Bluetooth is on my

phone is on which it is and 30s BMW eight four one two one click on that pair okay oh wow there we go that was very very quick

okay next thing we are going to set a destination in a sat-nav I am going t scribble on the rotary dial because you can actually do no that’s not what I

said I wanted to do P delete thank you very much BMW P wonderful o-73 I’m totally making this up take me anywhere be excellent okay wherever that is we’re

going start wheat guidance if you’re in the front of the m14 t.i spaces in abundance with plenty of head and leg room there’s also places for all your

odds and ends and decent size urban getting into the rear on three door version is a little awkward because you have to clamber behind the front seats

of course you don’t have that problem with the 5-door version once here though there is a decent amount of headroom although legroom is at a bit of a

premium and if you want to sit in the middle seat inspect if you’re really small because there isn’t really any where to put your feet that’s thanks to

this large transmission tunnel remember it’s rear-wheel drive and the power has to get from the engine to the rear wheels somehow not only that it’s

quite dark in the back here because it six pillows and when they’re not being used for passengers those rear seats split and fold as standard however even

in the upright position this boot is bigger than that as a Ford Focus RS so whether you’re going for the weekly shop all weekend away you’ll have

no trouble squeezing it all in there the m14 Ti commands a significant premium over the regular one series good news is though private buyers should be

able to get several thousand pounds off the price tag thanks to generous dealer discount equipment is pretty generous and you get sat-nav Bluetooth vab radio

and dual zone climate control all a standard hot hatch buyers are looking for strong performance versatile ride and fun handling but above all they want a car that puts a smile on their face each and every journey thankfully

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