2017 BMW X3 SUV review

2017 BMW X3 SUV review if you are looking for a luxurious spacious SUV then chances are the bmw x3 is already on your shortlist possibly alongside the Audi q5 and Land Rover

Discovery sport cars like Mears need to justify their higher price tags especially when in the face of mass-market competition from the likes

of the Nissan Qashqai and Serta Tucker they need to be comfortable over long distances have enough space for the family and its luggage as well as being

2017 BMW X3 SUV review

economical to run so does the bmw x3 fit the bill or is it not chasing the class leaders keep watching for the answer and first we’ll see how well it handles on UK roads

our favorite version of the x3 is the xDrive 20 d which is the version we’re testing today it gets you a diesel engine with 187 brake horsepower which

is plenty of pulling power however if you’d like more that their TD offers you just that and for those looking for even more performance there’s the xDrive

35 d which gets you a 3 litre diesel engine it’s quick but it’s also the most expensive in the range and as the xDrive name would suggest all these engines

come in four wheel drive go for an SE version and it rides fairly well but avoid the end sport cars because these come with a big hard suspension which jostles you around

choose dynamic damper control on the options list and you can stiffen or soft in the suspension at the touch of a button despite its size the x3 feels

balanced through the corners with minimal body roll the steering is quite heavy which won’t suit some people an the engine we’re testing today in the

xDrive 20 d does sound a little gruff at lower speeds take it to motorway speeds and tenders Road and wind noise to contend with as you’d expect from a

premium vehicle it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position the steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake and once you’ve figured out the

controls you can put the seat into the desired position as well and all of these buttons and dials are within easy reach in terms of forward visibility

what drives a lot of people into SUVs is the commanding driving position and the same can be said for the x3 rear visibility is also very good and rear

parking sensors and front parking sensors come a standard so the x3 is an easy one to park if you really want to splash out you can go for a reversing

camera or all-round view monitor both options in terms of quality it is excellent in here however od is slightly better with it q5 every x3 comes with BMWs own

infotainment and navigation system put bluntly it is one of the best around it’s easy to use and navigate and this widescreen mounted on the dashboard is

easy to see every car comes with bluetooth connectivity satellite navigation and da B radio and is all controlled via this rotary dial here so

what I’m going to do now is set a destination in the Sat Nav and pair my mobile phone first of all let’s set a destination in the Sat Nav address inputs voice control

London Buckingham place fucking-a place was selected please say the house numbe also start guidance 3 yes fantastic that was easy now let’s pair my mobile phone manage

mobile devices connect new device telephone and if I look on my phone bluetooth is on click on that okay pair Rebecca’s iPhone we are connected excellent

even taller adults will have no complaints about space in the BMW x3 there is plenty of head and leg room to stretch out and with a variety of cubby

holes cupholders decent-sized glove box and deep turbans move to the rear and if all three seats are being used it is better for children because we’re three in the back it is a

little cramped but the space is about the same as an Audi q5 it is worth noting however there’s no seven seater option like there is with a Land Rover

Discovery sport and these rear bellies does not slide and the seat backs do not require the x3s boot is larger on paper than many of its rivals and is easy to load

bulky large items in thanks to the wide opening and no load lip all cars come with an electric tailgate which is a great feature and if you go for BMWs

extended storage we get these useful nets and secret storage compartments if you do need more space you can fold the rear seats down which also split but

they don’t fold completely flat if you’re buying the bmw x3 with cash you may think there’s very little to separate it from its main rivals in

terms of price that said generous dealer discounts and a little bit of haggling means you could lower that price buy on a PCP tear as the majority of buyers

will and the low monthly repayments make it rather attractive and as a company car the low co2 emissions sweeten the deal there are three trim levels to

choose from but in truth there’s very little reason to look beyond the entry level se model which comes with heated leather seats climate and cruise control

a da B radio sat-nav automatic lights and wipers and alloy wheels plus every car comes with six airbags and when Euro endcap tested it came with a full 5 stars

that said it’s worth noting that automatic emergency braking is not standard it’s easy to see the appeal of the x3 because it’s classy spacious and

the infotainment system is one of the best around it does have a few foibles but if you’re in the market for an upmarket SUV it definitely deserves to

be on your short list

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