2017 Citroën C3 Aircross review

2017 Citroën C3 Aircross review with the world continuing to go SUV crazy it’s no surprise to find ourselves here in sunny Corsica to test the latest small SUV this time it’s from Citroen

they will replace their c3 Picasso MPV with a c3 air Kraus SUV now that means you get chunky 4×4 inspired looks on the outside but lots and lots of practical

touches on the inside what’s it like compared to rivals such as the Renault Captur and this and Juke well let’s get on the road and find out the c3 air

2017 Citroën C3 Aircross review

cross is certainly more comfortable than the c3 super mini on which it’s based even on big 17-inch wheels the rights only really upset by the worst urban

ruts and bumps as for the handling well it’s very easy to place the nose of the car thanks to precise steering I though you’re not likely to have a great deal

of fun in this this is a 1.6 liter 120 horsepower diesel which has loads of low-end shovin should prove very frugal but is quite pricy and can be a little

bit noisy when you’re working it really hard we would recommend going for the 1.2 liter pure tech petrol engine thanks for turbocharger it has plenty of

shop it’s still pretty frugal and is more refined crucially though it’s a good bit cheaper than these diesel engines inside well everything looks

funky especially if you opt for one of the color packs disappointingly though there are lots of hard scratchy plastics in places that you might touch regularly

although we do like some of the fabric here that you can rest your elbow on the infotainment well that can be a bi laggy at times and we find that it is

mounted a little bit low in the dashboard also 7 inches is a little bit small these days still where it really does score is practicality its standard

you get a 60/40 split folding rear bench that also reclines as well top spec models get a sliding element to that rear bench as well which lets you move

it backwards and forwards by 15 centimeters and that too mid spec models with a family pack in terms of interior space well you get a couple of six footers in the back

without them grumbling too much and the boot is amongst the biggest in its class it’s fair to say that we were left pretty disappointed by the C 3 C family

in the UK so we did have our worries about the air cross turns out they we shouldn’t have been so concerned because even on big 17-inch wheels this is a car

that rides pretty well even on the roughest of roads that Corsica has to offer throw in a practical interior refined and frugal engines and you’ve got a car

that could do very well indeed in the small SUV class obviously I’ll have to wait to get back in the UK to put it against rivals to know for sure

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