2017 Citroën C3 Picasso review

2017 Citroën C3 Picasso review the market for family mp3’s may be shrinking but for growing families on the move these cars still hold an appeal especially if you’re not a fan of SUVs

big or small Citroen c3 Picasso has been around since 2008 and if you are looking for an MPV that sits at the cheaper end of the market it makes a lot of sense

especially compared with more expensive cars such as the Ford b-max there’s plenty going for the c3 Picasso including it’s funky looks but can it

2017 Citroën C3 Picasso review

square up to the best in this class keep watching for the answer there’s only two engines to choose from and it’s the 1.2 litre petrol engine we’ve got today you

might think that’s an unnatural fit a small 3 cylinder petrol engine but it actually works very well it has enough printing power without feeling

overworked and keeps running costs low if you’ll be doing enough miles to justify a diesel then the blue HDI 100 is a decent choice it offers plenty of

punch and is a lot more relaxed on the motorway than the petrol be warned though it is a lot more expensive to buy whichever version of the c3 Picasso you

go for your find is a comfortable and pleasant car to spend time in it wafts along the road in a very serene way and although it’s soft setup causes the body

to bob up and down it’s never only comfortable the Picasso steering is usefully light around town making it easy to maneuver and park increasing speed and the

steering wakes up well which is quite reassuring when you’re on the motorway there’s quite a lot of noise around th windscreen which is a negative point

no matter what shape or size you are you will be able to get comfortable behind the wheel of the c3 Picasso because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat

and steering well for reach and rake and standard across the entire range is height adjustment on the driver’s seat all the controls are logically laid out

and are within easy reach my only criticism would be the steering wheel does obscure part of the view of the center console the interior feels light

and airy and forward visibility is excellent thanks to these skinny pillars out the back is pretty good too it makes parking this car a doddle and all versions get

parking sensors as standard every car gets a basic CD and radio combination with auxilary and USB in as well as bluetooth connectivity and some controls

mounted behind the steering wheel to adjust the volume etc the optional sat-nav system is called my II Way and although it’s dated it is quite easy to

use and if you go for the range-topping Platinum Edition you can add a reversing camera now we’re going to see how easy it is to pair my mobile phone and also

set destination in the sat-nav first of all then if I make sure that bluetooth is on which it is and press phone and phone functions no that’s not it

bluetooth functions truthful search search in progress if I click on Rebecca’s iPhone and connect hands-free mode okay connecting on profile I will make up a high

original pin of 1 2 3 4 or I get to okay okay fantastic we are connecte eventually paired my mobile phone now let’s see how easy or difficult it will

be to set a destination into the snap now click nav select destination enter an address England good start reading it’s a little bit slow to load and it is quite dated but

hopefully we can do something with this oh this is looking promising I do like it when you can put a postcode in instead of town street number just speed

things up a little bit fastest routes yes that’s very good actually that was a lot easier than programming the car to the telephone

this is where the c3 Picasso shows its strongest hand it’s really airy in here very spacious easy to get comfortable and there’s plenty of spaces for all

your odds those in the back seats have enough space to stretch out too thanks to this high roofline and if you’ve got a passenger in the middle seat they

won’t be uncomfortable because the flat floor ensures there’s some way to put their feet the rear bench slides and forwards even has a bit of recline to get extra

comfortable and there’s space underneath the seat for kids little rucksacks overall it seems like it’s going very highly for the family

then there’s the c3 Picasso’s pop series the boots it’s huge and depending on what position you have the seats in it can hold up to 500 litres which is as

big as most estate cars plus the seats fold 60/40 with a flat floor to create even more room and you can even take them out all together and turn your c3

Picasso into a van the c3 Picasso is cheap to buy on paper and Citroen dealers are well known for giving good discounts so it’s certainly worth

haggling when it comes time to buy and if you want to keep running costs as low as possible we’d stick with our recommended petrol engine you need look past the

entry-level Edition model because it comes with everything you’re likely to need including air conditioning Bluetooth and USB connectivity cruise

control rear parking sensors and wheel mounted audio controls platinum trim gets you more creature comforts including automatic lights and wipers

but it does command a hefty price premium the c3 Picasso was given a four star rating by Euro endcap in 2009 but it is worth noting that was when tests

were less stringent than they are today that said if you’re in the market for a roomy MPV with low running costs itdefinitely deserves a place on your

shortlist for plenty more on the Citroen c3 Picasso including our full online review

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