2017 Fiat 500L review

2017 Fiat 500L review hello and welcome to Italy where we’re driving the new Fiat 500l now when we come on the launch of a facelifted model

there’s often not a lot to get excited about that things are a little different with this new fear because the 500l has been at the top of the class in Europe

for the past five years the Italian manufacturer has gone to town on its replacement Fiat says about 40% of the components in this 500 L are completely

new and that’s because of the inclusion of safety texts such as automatic emergency braking as well as a new entertainment system that has Android

2017 Fiat 500L review

also an apple carplay for 2017 you now find a new multifunction steering wheel a TFT central dial display and on top models and all new 7 inches changing

system there’s also increased storage including a new central armrest ambient lighting can improve materials and it still comes with the impressive sliding

rear bench that allows you to choose between legroom and more boot space depending on what you’re carrying now despite 40% of the 500 L components

being new none of those changes are actually to do with the mechanics of the car as a result it drives in a very similar fashion to the car it replaces

that’s to say that it feels quite firmly sprung around town but the benefit of that is that it has impressive body control in the corners however if you

think good body control means that the car might feel sporty on a country road unfortunately that’s not the case overly like steering and brakes means

that the 500l feels more at hom sissie but then again that’s where this car is going to see it most of its use but if you’re doing lots of miles and

you’re traveling with a family and luggage the lowdown poke of the bigger Diesel’s is certainly welcome now we’re trying the one point six 120 horsepower

unit in today’s car and it has been tweaked for 2017 to be that little bit more refined and certainly driving it in the hills here around turin even when

you’re using full throttle its subdued and relatively unobtrusive now we’ll have to wait until we get back to the UK and test it against its nearest

competitors before we give a definitive verdict but we can confidently say is that the updated 500 L is better than the car.

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