2017 Ford Galaxy review

2017 Ford Galaxy review you name the synonymous of the MTV market as the Ford Galaxie since its launch in 1995 it’s been one of the default choices for big families on the

move this latest version offers flexible seating no running costs and a plethora of engine choices but how does it compare with its competitors such as the

Grand c4 Picasso Volkswagen Touran and fair tail ham bruh watch on to find out one of the galaxy’s biggest plus points is that it doesn’t feel like a big car

to drive in fact it’s one of the most agile 7 theatres around with good quality control and sharp steering although once you turn the steering

2017 Ford Galaxy review

wheel beyond a certain point it goes a little bit too light which means judging your inputs can be quite tricky on a more positive note the Galaxie rides

over most surfaces rather well and although there is some wind and road noise it’s not overly intrusive 1.5 and 2 litre petrol engines are available but

as you would expect it’s the diesels that make most sense we like the 2-liter 150 diesel because it has the right blend of performance

economy and value for money the standard 6-speed manual gearbox has a slick action while there’s a smooth shifting automatic as an option if you’re coming

to the galaxy for an SUV you’re like the Rays driving position and excellent visibility means it’s relatively easy to park although the dashboard is not very

interesting it is logically laid out what let’s sit down is the infotainment system because although the home scree is simple enough it’s the submenus and

fiddly icons that make it quite laborious to use for example if you want to put a destination into the Sat Nav it’s quite a convoluted process you’re

better off using voice control which is one of the best systems of its kind I really like apple carplay and so if I just get my phone now

so I can show you how that works I would say about the galaxy is that storage is very good we have the deepest central storage ever

which is great for families combined with the cupholders the large glove box and door bins eventually I guess my phone and if we just plug it in

like so you will find that when apple carplay is activated you can receive text messages it will read them out and that helps you to stop using your phone

while driving of course safety is key today from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hello Rebecca would you like some lunch want to reply no okay there’s a real feeling

of space in here whether you’re traveling in the middle row of seats or the rears plus there’s no central tunnel means that even with three people

sitting side by side there’s plenty of room for their feet and their three prophecies with ISOFIX on each one and they independently slide and recline

access to the third row is similarly good with a gap large enough to climb through and once here even adults taller than me will have enough head and

legroom cup holder snack holder what’s not to like and even with all seven seats in place still room for some luggage more so inside seat form and with all seats

folded down it is simply massive watch this for some magic there’s no getting away from the fact that the galaxy is expensive compared

with its rivals but if you’re buying it on monthly finance that difference is less of an issue the galaxy’s fuel consumption is good and lower emissions

mean it’s running costs are affordable and there’s no need to look beyond the entry level z-tech trim because that gets you I’m at control da B digital

radio bluetooth and six airbags the only option we’d recommend you add is automatic emergency braking the galaxy is a supremely capable family MPV then

which we recommend over direct rivals but if you don’t regularly carry seven you might be better off with a smaller and cheaper Volkswagen Touran or a large SUV for plenty more on the Ford Galaxi

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