2017 Hyundai i10 review

2017 Hyundai i10 review the i-10 is high and ice third go and making a small city car and it follows on from the relatively unloved a tolls and the most improved first-generation I

ten it’s a small city car and it’s looking to steal sales from the likes of the Volkswagen up say at me and Skoda Citigo and just because it’s labeled a

2017 Hyundai i10 review

city car don’t think this skimping when it comes to space short in length but tall in height and it comes with five doors as standard it’s all about low

costs and ease of use the i-10 is ideally suited for life around town and squeezing into tight parking spaces and it stakes a claim as the car of choice

for the value conscious urban dweller there isn’t a great deal of choice when it comes to engines there are only two available a three cylinder one liter or

a four-cylinder 1.2 now the 1 liter is best suited to life around town but it does feel a little bit out of its depth at motorway speeds the lively at 1.2 is

a much better all-round then it doesn’t need to be worked so hard to make reasonable progress and feels a bit more relaxing in general you also have to opt

for the 1.2 if you want an automatic gearbox because the 1 liter is a manual only although the auto changes gear quite slowly if you’re accelerating hard

it’s smooth in more laid-back use and the best automatic in its class the 1 liter and has a better claimed fuel economy than the 1.2 but the difference

is marginal there is also a 1 liter blue Drive version for lower emissions it has a stop start and will emit just 93 g/k of co2 this makes it the best choice for

company car buyers private buyers are better off with the 1.2 though which still achieves a reasonable engine 14 kilometer of co2 the

suspension is firm enough to keep body rolling check in the corners yet there’s enough suppleness to cope with all but the sharpest urban potholes so the i-10

feels settled most of the time around town there’s a bit of Bounce over high speed regulations but generally it’s a comfortable car if there’s a

disappointment it’s the steering it all feels rather vague however it’s light enough to make easy work at parking and driving around town there’s also plenty of grip to give you

confidence to the corners it’s not as fun to drivers a more communicative Volkswagen up but it is stable and easy to drive the 1 liter engine is

exceptionally hushed for a three cylinder unit in fact it’s actually quieter than the 4-cylinder one point too much of the time by city car

standards the i-10 is also brilliant at shutting out wind and road noise the driver’s seat is supportive but entry-level models don’t get seat height

adjustment and it is a little disappointing that no matter which model you go for the steering wheel only just for height it doesn’t adjust for reach the seat is

set quite high even in models that have adjustable height from se and up and the backrest is spring-loaded so you can’t be quite so precise with the angle as

you can with a rotary controlled seat back still the pedals are well place the dashboard is logically laid out and the ventilation controls are close to

hand and the stereo system sits nice and high in the middle of the center console there aren’t too many buttons and the ones that are there are clearly marked

the forward view in the i-10 is very good from the tall windscreen and relatively slim pillars make it easy to see what’s going on around the car

however the windows narrow towards the back of the car leaving chunky rear pillars so there is still a blind spot to be wary of despite the sizable

rectangular door mirrors only range-topping premium se cars come with rear parking sensors the cabin plastics are hard but neatly textured which gives

the i-10 and neat functional feel there are some shiny plastics in evidence if you look around the lower parts of the cabin the vents feel a touch flimsy and

there are some sharp edges around the base of the seats but generally everything feels solidly put together and of a good quality by class standards

the stereo system sits nice and high in the middle of the center console and there aren’t too many buttons those buttons that are there are clearly

labeled though now you don’t get this a fancy touchscreen system in entry-level specs but technophobes will like the system is extremely easy

to use it controls everything from your satellite navigation to your da B radio and Bluetooth but one disappointment is the Bluetooth isn’t standard on

entry-level models so how easy is it to pair your phone well it is relatively straightforward simply hit the Settings button then phone Bluetooth connections

Avenue this is where I go to my phone now and to find the settings on that pair and we’re connected really really straightforward likewise if you want to

set a navigation point then simply hit map nav address and then type in your address details really straightforward all the buttons are neatly laid out and

it’s logical to use so city cars by their very nature best suited to nipping around town rather than carrying big loads or lots of people but you’ll

probably be surprised to hear that it’s not as claustrophobic as you may think there’s still plenty of headroom up front and a decent amount of legroom –

there’s also lots of nooks and crannies for storing all sorts of bits and pieces right down here you can put your mobile phone and you can connect it to the usb

it’s a couple of cup holders and a little tray here – don’t expect much use out of the glove box though it’ll get the owner’s manual and a small portable

sat-nav maybe a bag of sweets in the back there’s more space in here than many of its rivals so even tall passengers won’t struggle with head or

legroom there is a slight raised section in the floor though for anyone stand in the middle but it won’t impact comfort too much the eye tends 252 litre boot is

a bigger than most rival city cars but there is a rather tall load lip and a bit of a drop into the boot floor it’s a fairly basic space with no storage

cubbies but it’s deep and broad so fitting a single lightweight buggy should be quite easy however while the rear seatbacks lie flat when folded they

do move a step in the boot floor the i-10 isn’t the cheapest car in its class but then it’s not the most expensive either and sweeteners like low-interest

finance deals and deposit contributions really make it worthwhile economy in the 1 liter is a slightly better than the 1.2 but the difference is pretty

marginal our real-world tests showed that the 1 liter manage of 45.6 miles per gallon while a 1.2 managed 42.6 if you want lower co2 missions – then the 1

litre blue Drive version features stop-start making it the best choice for company car buyers servicing is also among the cheapest in its class equipment levels

are pretty basic the entry-level model gives you electric front windows and central locking the SE spec is a more expensive but worth it as it includes

air conditioning electric rear windows driver’s seat height adjustment cruise control and adjustable heated door mirrors premium adds alloy wheels a

leather steering wheel LED daytime running lights and premium S II has a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system sat-nav and bigger alloys so to sum up

the i-10 is one of the best small city cars around it’s quiet roomy has excellent value for money and has a long warranty to its biggest flaws

at the lack of equipment like bluetooth unless you go for the highest trim levels and lower safety ratings than its rivals for plenty more on the high-en
III 10 including our full online review

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