2017 Mazda MX-5 review

2017 Mazda MX-5 review the Mazda mx-5 is a real throwback to the sporty two-seater sports cars of the 1970s cars like the Triumph Spitfire Lotus Elan and engine big cars that

didn’t need big powerful engines instead they were more geared around putting a smile on the drivers face and it’s that philosophy of building a car around the

driver which made the mx-5 such a huge success the ingredients are simple small dimensions rear-wheel drive and an affordable price tag all wrapped up in a

package this stylish on the outside and clutter-free on the inside in fact it’s a recipe that’s proved so popular that over a million have been sold globally

2017 Mazda MX-5 review

since it first went on display at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989 over time though many more modern rivals like the MGF and toyota mr2 have faded away

leaving the mx-5 in a category all on its own there were two four-cylinder petrol engines to choose from a 1.5 or 2-liter and as you’d expect the very

driver orientated the manner in which you drive though will really be take which one you go for the 131 brake horsepower 1.5 litre petrol is what

you’re called spirited that rather than outright but it’ll do the north of 60 – in under 8 and a half seconds and keep going to a top speed of 125 miles per

hour but to get the most out of it you really have to rev the engine hard and drive it much more on the limit 460 brake horsepower 2-liter though is a

much better all rounder as you take space it’s quick it’s a 60 by a second and has a faster top speed of 133 mile per hour as well as its thinkI

dimensions the mx-5 is also extremely light it weighs just 1,200 and 60 kilograms which not only helps with agile handling it also means it’s pretty economical

to the steering is a light and precise and gives the driver real confidence when placing the car exactly where you off to on the road the ride is

comfortable at cruising speed while still maintaining to remain planted at high speed one of the big drawbacks of the cross roof though is the refinement

can be compromised at high speed like on motorways but that’s not the case with the mx-5 you sit quite low down behind the wheel and the pedals and the

steering wheel are all lined up perfectly and the gearstick is placed exactly where your hand would naturally rest it’s just a shame that the steering

wheel only adjust for height and it doesn’t adjust the reach the dash layout is simplicity itself a hallmark of the mx-5 with controls that are within easy

reach and straightforward to use and that applies to the folding roof too unlike its predecessor which was available with a fully electric hardtop

or a manual canvas roof this is only available with the latter now opening and closing is a relatively simple proposition and you have to contort your

body in some unusual shapes but closing it is really straightforward the high window liner and well the cozy cabin does make you feel quite hemmed in

though so there isn’t much space to get comfy and there isn’t much in terms or storage and it’s the same when it comes to the boots many rivals are much bigger

and there’s really only enough space for a couple of weekend bags this mx-5 is equipped with Mazdas mzb and that 7-inch infotainment system it’s controlled by a

touchscreen or this rotary dial which is a bit like the end of the user drive system the controls are fairly intuitive the buttons are nicely displayed and

it’s pretty quick to respond and doing simple jobs like pairing two mobile phones it’s fairly straightforward simply communication button would you like to

connect the phone connect make sure your phone is paired up and ready to go and there you go relatively straightforward then if you’ve got 2017 Mazda MX-5 review

satellite navigation as an optional extra you just hit the nav button on the home screen hit new new destination find address and then type in the town and

street name now again you can do this using the rotary dial or a touchscreen system what’s also pretty neat are these that shortcut runs around the rotary

dial means that while you’re on the move you can simply choose your musically navigation or your favorite that’s a touch of a button rather than having to

leave the screen the Mazda mx-5 is an attractive proposition thanks largely to its low level entry price the only trouble is though you don’t get a lot of

equipment do you money you have to pay extra for things like satellite navigation there’s a plenty of safety kit though with all models getting

stability control and of four airbags as well as ISOFIX child seat mounts because the mx-5 is so light is pretty cheap to run the 1.5 minta long term and

impressive 48 miles per gallon if driven carefully of course the Mazda mx-5 is an improvement on its predecessor thanks largely to it’s more dramatic looks

improved interior and more powerful engine lineup you’ll love the way it drives and be impressed by.

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