2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross review

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross review hello and welcome to another what car service Drive with this the new Mitsubishi Eclipse cross what is it you might ask well this is Mitsubishi she’s

answer the cars like the SIA attacker the Peugeot 3008 and other small SUVs the difference is that it’s taken inspiration from Kupe SUVs like BMW x6

and the Mercedes GLA Coupe a so you get this swooping roofline and some interesting detailing along the side the question is though is it actually any

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross review

good let’s find out because we’ve got really an early access the eclipse cross there’s only one engine and gearbox combination to try that’s a 1.5 liter

turbocharged petrol engine mated to the CVT or static gearbox and 4-wheel Drive now at 161 horsepower it’s not exactly slow but being a CVT you please slow down

it holds the res of one constant point and you that loud kind of your item go the handling is actually pretty tidy there is a little bit more body roll than you

get in say it Messiah Atta but actually the steering is pretty meeting making it nice easy to place the car on the road and you don’t have to take humorous

points out on a corner to get it round inside well it’s actually very good for a Mitsubishi in fact it’s pretty good for the cause of the whole the

entertainment is also worth a mention as well I know the screen isn’t particularly massive and the graphics are a little bit something what we do

like is the fact we can control it like a regular touchscreen or is a charge apparent between the feet what we don’t like so much is the fact whether it

doesn’t have sat-nav built in terms of space there’s plenty of leg room behind me even with a 6:32 in the back I’ve got plenty of headroom and a decent amount

of legroom the boot is a little bit pokey by class standard although a sliding and reclining rear vent does mean that you can prioritize blue space

if you need to Mitsubishi say the Eclipse cross is a game changer for the company and in many respects we would be tempted to a Greek with styling whilst

polarizing is certainly quite the departure from their usual effort and we like the practicality of the sliding and reclining rear bench as for driving dynamics

well it certainly resists roll well and has nicely weighted steering although it isn’t as fun as say attacker and seems to be tripped up by bumps on the road

overall though it’s not a bad effort and one that we certainly look forward to trying in the UK don’t forget to subscribe to what car.com on YouTube and

also check out our website for a full review of this and many other new motor

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