2017 Porsche Cayenne review

2017 Porsche Cayenne review the Cayenne has been a massive car support with over seven hundred and seventy thousand sold since its introduction back in 2002 for this new

third-generation car it’s lighter than before larger than before and has a Ranger more efficient yet more powerful petrol engines so with that in mind

we’ve come to Crete to find out exactly what it’s like the can will launch with three engines in the UK at the bottom of the range is a three liter single turbo

2017 Porsche Cayenne review

v6 with 340 horsepower then there’s the K and s that we’re in at the moment those get a twin-turbo 2.9 liter v6 with 440 horsepower and then at the top of

the tree is the turbo which gets a 550 horsepower turbocharged v8 now the turbo gets air suspension is standard but all of the test cars that we’ve got to date

have it fitted the good news is that body control is tight so it doesn’t blow up around in bends especially if you have it in sport mode but bear in mind

this is a Porsche so the ride is quite firm over particularly sharp ruts and bumps the engine well this s strikes the best balance of the three it sounds a bit fruitier than the

standard KN has plenty of shove and isn’t anywhere near as expensive to buy all run as the v8 inside is very reminiscent of the Panamera so you get a

central rev counter flanked by 2 7 inch screens that can show a variety of information and then in the centre is a twelve point three inch touchscreen that 2017 Porsche Cayenne review

has apple carplay and also Porsches own smartphone interface it is pretty easy to use when you’re stationary but lik the majority of touchscreen infotainment

systems you do find that you do look up where you’re pressing a bit more than maybe you should do when you’re driving the new Cayenne is very slightly larger

than the old model so that means there’s more room in the back for people thanks in part to a sliding and reclining rear bench and thank you very much and you also get a

bigger boot as well there is a little bit of a load lip for putting your shopping in but you can with the air suspension lower the back of the car to

make things a little bit easier although the KN might be a little bit pricier and not quite as practical as the Audi q7 there is an awful lot to

like and recommend about this car now being a Porsche it is a firmer riding thing but that does give it that sporty edge that a lot of people are looking

for and in terms of space well there’s enough room for five adults and lots of luggage as well now although the v8 might be tempting we’ve got the feeling

that the S is going to be the best balance between performance and affordabilit.

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