2017 Range Rover Velar reader review

2017 Range Rover Velar reader review this is the new Range Rover Bella which we have come to see at Land Rovers Factory in Solihull with some of our readers it sits between the Evoque and

the sport in the Range Rover lineup and costs from around 45,000 pounds let’s see what they think compared with the other Range Rover models do you think

this is a particularly stylish one I think it is I’ve got a soft sorts the Range Rover school I think it’s a nice shape and any angle it looks good from

2017 Range Rover Velar reader review

where some other card sign is obviously quite a lot of styling cues and highlights on the on the vehicle both on the bonnet on the side panels etc and

they are really starting to turn the vehicles into more of a designed icon our design features compared to to an application or a spacer on the cam that

probably put a bit more into into styling I’m going a bit more sorting through into the car overall a lot of for gone into the design colours the

options and worked really really well compared with your BMW do you think that interior materials have noticeably better in this Range Rover absolutely

absolutely I mean Range Rover is a luxury brand and you know it’s all leather it’s plush carpets the way in which the whole of the interior is put

together everything’s very very neat very well finished significantly better I think than my extreme definitely definitely Range Rover however you know

this is a sort of arm moved on from the technology perspective you’ve got the infotainment screen the option scree and also touch sensitive pads on the

steering wheel is that something that you think progression over just a lot of buttons or I think it’s all kind of designed to be to be multifunctional and

to take away the number of buttons that are fixed and so you’ve got less distractions for the driver in trying to I like the the steering columns I didn’t

didn’t realize the controls on the steering wheel changed function depending on what’s happening so for phone call comes in they lie but the the

phone buttons you think having the two touchscreens below each other is quite quite usable as useful it’s nice at the top one tilt towards you and also the

fact that the the menus are context sensitive on it I think that’s really helpful and people used to doing that in their day to day life with sort of

tablets and the like and smartphones like that’s great Tesla they’ve got a very large iPad s screen but it’s a bit bland it does look like it’s being just nailed on there you

know this is really sort like pleasant and very impressive it really is a game changer to me already make several new cars out there look somewhat painted

doesn’t mean of course potentially that should something go wrong then certainly you can’t do anything as the amateur or even the local garage I think it’s got

to be straight back to the main daily did you find the seats seat comfortable adjustable it’s comfortable lots of adjustment get a good driving

position it feels like driving a car but different to discovery where you’re se up on it you’re actually setting it so I like that it’s a big vehicle so

visibility around the whole of the vehicles always going to be a problem but you know I think it’s a vehicle you want to get used to which is not no

different to any other large vehicle do you think it’s spacious in both the front and back seat and yes I’m 6 foot 3 I’m citing the from my son who’s 14

who’s a non 640 can fit in the back quite comfortably it’s quite a bit of headroom as well for a car that’s got quite a rakish roofline and you know

it’s pleasant environment to be in really I think it would be impractical for a family it’s a surprise how much space there is in the back you know even

with a sort of six which we in the front and I’m quite forward as well there’s plenty of space just about enough room for me but there’s plenty of room for a

toddler and your how tall I’m 66 so a practical family car overall then I think so yeah I mean what said the boots absolutely muscle I was I was actually

surprised given the dimensions of the car and because it looks what compact when we’re almost looking at it but actually you know there’s reasonable

space I think it serve just a day outs and all those the codes quite quite nicely I think in terms of performance would you be going for one of the four-cylinder

engines or perhaps the v6 I would look at four-cylinder engines and I haven’t driven the new discovery with the things about 240 brake and works really well

particularly with the gearbox it’s not as smooth as a v6 but you know obviously the emissions fuel economy there’s you know lots of strong points or not

rolling them out and yet the new Ingenium these all seem to be really good engines so when yeah I’m strongly strongly consider one book again you

know it’s always nice of a super still keep being six under the hood obviously having your daughter the safety features I guess would be a big deal for the

electronic aids because you tell us about that yeah that’d be a massive priority actually come in and I’d looking through the brochure a little

bit and and you know there’s a lot of safety ages standard over the Evoque or perhaps the Range Rover sports and would you prefer this model law obviously

they’re they’re all at different price points and I think this is actually a step forward in terms of technology and design and I think maybe rather than

think do I want to evoke through one sport I think I’d be thinking do I want the latest model and do I want the latest technology well actually car like that probably

more cylinders the better really it’s just to keep the price point and how it compares with purposes brother the Range Rover Sport at that point so for the car

overall could you give me a star item in the house five I think it’s definitely a four and four A+ from me any reason probably not five stars is you know it can quickly run away root itself

cost-wise I want to say five I’ll say five two now but that’s not to be subject to what it’s like driving.

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