2017 Renault Zoe review

2017 Model Renault Zoe review it wasn’t that long ago that alternative fuel was the big talking point and while some manufacturers were investing heavily in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell

technology others were concentrating more on pure electric drive Renault was one of those that focused on the latter and they launched a trio of practical

V’s starting with the Twizy which was aimed at the environmentally conscious urban hip step then there was the Kangoo Zed II aimed at companies who were

2017 Model Renault Zoe review

looking to reduce their carbon footprint and finally there was this the Zoe the practical 5-door family hatchback it’s aimed at being as practical and as

usable as a family hatchback with a traditional combustion engine but it will have zero emissions and a low running costs the Zoe will cover about

90 miles on a single charge and has an impressive standard equipment list as well as a wall-mounted fast charger fitted free to your home and what’s even

more impressive is that it costs roughly the same our monthly finance as a similarly sized high spec version of the Ford Fiesta all renault clio if you’ve

never driven an electric vehicle before then you will find it’s a rather unusual experience that will take some getting used to the silence for one is eerie and

you will find that when you’re driving around busy city centres people tend to be more focused on talking to their friends or using their mobile phones

than they are in looking out for electric vehicles but don’t let that put you off one of the bigger benefits abou electric cars is the lack of any gears

which makes for smooth a swift progress don’t think that you need a degree in electro physics either to be able to run one it’s just like a normal electric car

simply press the start/stop button put it in drive as you would in a normal automatic and you’re away comfort is a major plus for the Zoe especially at low

speeds the soft suspension Dwarfs over imperfections in the road and potholes this is a car with urban life at the heart of its design philosophy it darts

into corners thanks to responsive and light steering and while the soft suspension means there is substantial bodily it never feels unstable or disconnecting as we

mentioned the lack of a combustion engine means that refinement is simply outstanding there is a small wine from the electric motor but other than that

wind and road noise is well suppressed one key term that’s often attributed to electric cars is a ranger anxiety now that’s the fear of running out of

electricity may journey for many though an electric car is a second family car used for short journeys to and from work or dropping the kids off to school or

pop into the shops so the range which is up to 250 miles in ideal conditions or a more realistic 150 to 120 miles in real-world conditions is more than

enough for most people and should you find yourself going further afield then it’s just a case of plotting a route to take it into account charging stations

the journey may take longer to stop for a top-up charge but many electri vehicle drivers claim they actually arrived feeling more refreshed after

charging brakes an 80 percent charge will take around an hour using a fast charger if you go for a quick charge version or around three hours from free

home fast charger and public charges if you need to charge from a friend’s house though not only do you need to pay for a cable that means you can charge from an

ordinary three-point plug but it will take up to nine hours for a full charge the driving manners are impressive then but how about the interior does it

really match up to the best-in-class the driving position is quite high in the zowie and while most drivers will find getting comfortable easy short and

tall drivers will get irritated by the lack of a seat height adjustment anyone who spent time in the modern Clio or Magan will quickly get to grips with a –

layout you get a credit card style key which leaves it in a holder and the bottom of the center console and a start/stop button to fire the car into

life in fact the only difference between this and the normal Renault supermini is the instrument cluster in front of the driver which displays speed battery

usage and the range it’s very easy for cars that are built with one eye on running costs to have cheap and nasty cabin materials not only to help keep

the sticker price down but also the lighter which helps with economy there is an element of they’re built to a budget feel though especially the

plastics around the door handles and handbrake all feels pretty solid though forward visibility is good largely thanks to a big windscreen and a thin

front pillars but the rear window is small though which makes reverse parking just a little trickier parking sensors and a camera help on high spec versions

but they’re an expensive addition now the Zoe features a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system which features a TomTom live navigation and the traffic

updates Multimedia Interface vehicle settings and a Bluetooth phone so how straightforward is it to operate well if we want to pair the phone simply

hit the phone setting and settings manage devices and device do a quick search so relatively quick and simple operation then if you want to plot a route using

the navigation system then simply hit the home button then menu navigation drive to and then type in the details of where you want to go there’s always a

concern with electric cars that batteries may restrict cabin space but that’s not the case with the Zowie there’s plenty of space up front for

occupants to get comfy the high roof line especially welcoming for tall drivers things aren’t quite so good in the back where tall rear passengers may

struggle for legroom especially if the person stuff in front of them has their seat all the way back the boot is a decent size though boasting a load Bay

of three hundred and thirty-eight liters and this can be expanded to 1225 liters by folding down the back seats one slight frustration know is that there’s

no split seat configuration it’s either a big boot or space for passengers as for space for everyday items again there’s plenty of places including this

dish to put any loose change or your mobile phone a couple of small cup holders and a shallow cubby for a bag of sweet – not to mention a glove box which

is on par with many of its rivals well the environmental benefits will be a big draw for many electric car users it’s the running cost that will be a big bonus

especially for company car drivers as we mentioned at the start of the video it’ll cost around the same as a similar sized well-equipped super mini like a

Ford Fiesta or renault clio on a monthly basis but just be aware that these costs are only so low if you opt to lease the batteries for a monthly cost leasing the

batteries will also means that the Renault will maintain them or replace them if they drop below 75% of their original performance regardless of how

old the car is if you decide to buy the batteries with the car then Renault will only guarantee the batteries for the first four years raros a four year

100,000 mile warranty also helps with peace of mind and you get European roadside assistance included with your initial battery lease contract or three years if you

the car outright equivalent levels are impressive though basic spec expression novel models get climate control cruise control Bluetooth and touchscreen

infotainment system top spec dynamic Nava art parking sensors and the camera upgraded sound system rear electric windows leather steering wheel and a

knob that’s also adjust lights and wipers it is quite a price hike though so we’d be more inclined to opt for the cheaper trim the Zoe is a one of the

most practical and cheap cars to run in its class running costs are extreme lylow for company car buyers it’s refined and fun to drive and few electrical turn

ative make for such an attractive ownership proposition the brake feel is a little inconsistent now and the battery leasing cost well worth it does

it bring the price up noticeably for plenty more on the Renault Zoe.

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