2017 Suzuki Celerio Review

2017 Suzuki Celerio Review tard like the Suzuki Celerio make a lot of sense if you live in the city the celerio is small powered by frugal petrol engine and as

cheap to buy and run so if you rarely venture onto the motorway it could suit you very well it faces plenty of competition though with rivals such as the Hyundai i10

scared of City go and Volkswagen up proving the cheap doesn’t have to be nasty so the question is has the zookie done enough to make the scenario stand

2017 Suzuki Celerio Review

out from the crowd that’s what we’ll find out in this review the only engine on offer is a 1 liter 3-cylinder petrol with 67 brake horsepower that might not

sound like much but for a car this small and light it’s enough even on the motorway you can also get a dual jet version of the engine which automatically switches off in stationary

traffic there is a price premium for this though the salerio ride is pretty firm by city car standards so you do feel more bumps than you would in a home

die 10 or Skoda Citigo but in terms of handling the celerio impresses with its tight body control and decent grip even though the steering is a bit vague it

would be unfair to expect to start 10,000 pounds 50 car to be the last word in refinement and sure enough there’s a fair amount of Road wind and engine

noise at speed the Celerio on-road manners then are best suited to town and not countryside let me give you a whistle-stop tour of the Celerio

interior the driver’s seat is easy to adjust but could do with a little more back support and the steering wheel ha raked but no reach so some people find

it difficult to find the right driving position however the dash is logically made out with these simple rotary dials that’s a plus points the a-pillars being very slim and

visibility out the back means it’s also easy to park on the downside though it is built to a budget and you can tell that because there’s a lots of hard

scratchy plastic everywhere all versions of the Celerio come with da be radio and CD player if you go through the Pasha FZ 3 or FZ 4 you get bluetooth and also USB

connectivity so the new who want a full touchscreen color infotainment system unfortunately will be disappointed because it doesn’t exist so let’s see

how easy the Bluetooth is to use so I’ve pressed the Bluetooth button bluetooth pairing we’ve got a passkey now so we’re searching car audio passkey

Rebecca’s iPhone connected that is one of the quickest and most simple pairings I’ve ever done I’m impressed uzuki despite its small size there’s plenty of

space for front passengers in a Solero and storage is decent as well because the glovebox is big enough for my floor and back and there’s somewhere to put

your phone and a banana although the door pocket isn’t not big enough for a bottle however there are two cupholders just here move to the

back and the Celerio can technically seat three but we wouldn’t recommend it because it’s quite narrow I’ll give you a demonstration one person to person and

the third person however if you see it more as a four-seater that is actuall quite roomy by city car standards all scenarios come with split folding rear

seats which you won’t actually need for a large shopping load or a couple of small suitcases mr. dookey salerio is one of the cheapest cars around and all

models emit less than a hunter g/km of co2 which will cost you the minimum in road tax our favourite version is the C dead 3 because it gets you Bluetooth

aircon remote central locking and USB connectivity don’t expect my safety equipment for your money though there’s no option to add automatic emergency

braking and although it has six airbags when tested in 2014 by gyro and caps in only scored three stars despite all that if you’re looking for a frugal

generously equipped surprisingly spacious city ca

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