2017 Volkswagen Arteon review

2017 Volkswagen Arteon review hello and welcome to another watt car short video where we’re going to take a quick look at a new car in this case it’s VW’s all you are thien remember the

old Passat CC it was the coupe a version of the previous generation VW % well the Archean as you can see has a sloping rakish roofline and four doors but guess

what is the 4-door coupe a version of the current generation VW Passat but VW says this cars gone upmarket does the Archean really live up to that

billing let’s find out so what’s the artyom like on the road then well it’s a big luxury four-door coupe eh so you’d expect it to be comfortable and

2017 Volkswagen Arteon review

to be fair in the manor is it floats along feels quite comfortable there is a little concern though because we now and again you hit a ridge it does seem to

send a little shudder through the cabin in terms of handling we wouldn’t necessarily describe it as sporty the steering’s nice and direct and it

doesn’t roll too much in bends but it’s I think if you want something a bit more sporty you’re probably better off with a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe a once you get

the art in onto the motorway it’s quite refined there’s not too much wind noise a little bit of road noise comes through at 70 miles an hour but it’s not too intrusive

and bear in mind is cars on quite big wheels as well the engine is very good picks up nicely it’s a 2 litre there we go and it’s a nice little raft too as

well it’s a 2 litre twin turbocharged petrol engine produces just under 280 brake horsepower there’s also 2-liter diesel as wel we’ve just under 240 brake horsepower

but VW reckons the petrol engine this one is going to be the one that most people go for in terms of space sitting on the front here I’ve got loads ahead

and legroom on quite tall and it’s actually a similar story despite that sloping roofline in the back there’s a decent amount of headroom and plenty of legroom

but the best bit about this car is the boot space because it’s not that much smaller than the standard saloon but it’s more practical because you’ve got a

hatchback arrangement instead of the saloon body so the burning question is should you buy a VW Archean or the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe a or the Audi a5 Sportback

well if it was down to ride comfort there’s nothing wrong with that the art is very good drives very nicely rear seat space probably one the best in the class

and boot space easily best-in-class fantastic however the problem with the Archean is it’s quite expensive VW estimates thirty eight to forty thousand

pounds and even if they fill it to the girls with loads of equipment it’s still probably going to depreciate quicker than the Audi or the BMW and it’s

probably going to cost you more on a PCP deal and for that reason.

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