2017 Volkswagen Golf reader review

2017 Volkswagen Golf reader review win here at the Volkswagen national learning center in Milton Keynes where we brought a team of what car readers along to see the new Volkswagen Golf the

new golf will cost from seventeen thousand six hundred and twenty five pounds while an average the range has gone down by six hundred and fifty pounds

updates include exterior styling tweaks new infotainment tech inside and more safety kit so this new infotainment system you’ve just been playing around with there’s got sat-nav

2017 Volkswagen Golf reader review

it’s got da B radio it’s got Bluetooth audio what are your thoughts on that from what you’ve seen initial thoughts were I love the look of it I like the

size of it’s very easy to navigate around I think the fact you can touch it lightly it’s very responsive it’s a sleeker I like the fact that the CD

player and your USB sticks are is in the center console and all near to hand the sound quality is not what I would like I’d like to thank a little bit better

for enter such a clean use is very good I just having a look at this mirror in particular tell me about that the mirror caught my eye distr second look in the car

I don’t know why what it did I love the style of it there’s no none of the button underneath with auto dimming and who love the shape of it it’s just

stunning mirror in my mark sakes golf I had no cup holders in the center console I hadn’t applied open bit and it was obviously not very good if you went to

McDonald’s I’m willing to put something there but I do like my cup holders and I see they’ve made a return here som variation do you think the looks are an

improvement even though they are any slight changes yeah I think it’s good because it’s time to profit up to like the latest levels of Technology in terms

of like incorporating that within the looks such as like new taillights to me the the front end and I think the collision detection sensors are quite

like the fact that they’re not on the front anymore on the previous models there was a big black square on there and that’s gone and I think they’re more

integrated so it just looks sleeker I think that looks are generally quite like smooth over and more polished which is going to keep the sharpens thing

cooperates technology over there as well something yeah like what impresses me most is the fact that I’m nearly six foot and I’m not the thinnest person in

the world and for me the back isn’t very comfortable I’ll be very quick I’ll be very happy sitting in the back of the car it’s a very very spacious car unlike

the styling of the interior and it’s very easy to navigate around a hold of the car myself never actually sat in one before today and literally going to the

car and I know my way around it straightaway so you’ve got you’ve got two large tugs and do you think that would be big enough them I know your

current car isn’t isn’t the most practical yeah I didn’t think you would initially be bigger I big enough but after looking at it and then realize in

the straw drops very impressive that and yes I do believe I wore this device eve wider in the car quite easy to drop the boot floor as well it was so easy I’m I

thought quite in whatever’s doing it white streamers and then there’s also a a new engine so there’s the 1.5 petrol do you think that would

be a good option for people as opposed to the old 1.4 yeah so my parents have air once again a 1.4 after sir and shut off one so we’ve driven that access road

that and that was as powerful that was also quite fishing suits this new one point file is come out takes things to the next level and so the PW Stafford

told me that on coating it completely shuts down also and from the engine to improve economy like further bit no sacrifice to their performance as well

so yes they’ve gotten really interesting technology might on the caster I keep like it may sound quite small displacement at one point five but the

performance like it’s not suggested as that so yeah the whole thing with goals and the history is it slowly evolved they’ve slowly tweaked it and I think

you only know if it’s not you know if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of scenario little things always need to be changed for safety and technology but

you know I just like the fact it still looks like a gulf whatever mark you have pretty much to let you know it’s a goal so a positive review from our readers

they’re loving the ghost a new styleentertainment and its practicality

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