2017 Volkswagen Polo

2017 Volkswagen Polo UK car boys might be going crazy for small SUVs right now but small hatchbacks are still big business and few a bigger business in the VW Polo and

this here is the all-new 6th generation model it’s based on new underpinnings so it’s bigger in all dimensions which means more passenger space and a bigger

2017 Volkswagen Polo

boot and there are no less than nine engines to choose from five of them 1 litre petrol ‘s some them turbocharged some of them not punch a 1.5 turbo and

tunity turbo petrol and 21.6 diesels Aveeno is also focused on improving interior quality connectivity infotainment and safety equipment in

terms of the best driving car in the small car class that remains the Ford Fiesta because unfortunately the VW Polo doesn’t quite be tip-top say isn’t a

very good car to drive indeed particular its ride which is very comfortable and it’s secured handling as secure rather than thrilling like the fiestas here

we’re driving the 1 litre turbocharged engine that has 94 brake horsepower and really stick to the range and the predicted bestseller by VW it’s

absolutely fine with time work where it pulls really strongly from low revs allow you to sprint away from light but also keep up with fast traffic on things

like motorways – and when you work it hard it doesn’t cause too much noise or vibration in the cabin this new Polo is vastly improved over the old one inside

for starters as much more room for pastures and for adults will sit in comfort boot space is also up by som 25% to 351 litres bigger than a far

beers aren’t on a par with a say Ibiza quality – is taking a big step up with piano black plastics soft surfaces and slick switches all present owing the

brittle door plastics are a disappointment and the polos entertainment is much better all cars getting an 8 inch color touch screen

that’s bright and responsive VW’s digital dials can also be added as an option and work extremely well although we’re yet to hear how much they’ll cost

UK pricing and trim levels are yet to be decided so it’s difficult to be definitive but the new pylos should be a few hundred pounds more than the old

model and a few hundred pounds more than the latest say at Ibiza never less the new pair is a brilliant car isn’t quite as thrilling to drive as the latest Ford

Fiesta but it’s very secure and it’s handling and it rides brilliantly it’s also very quiet inside at all speeds and the turbocharged 1 litre engine with 94

brake horsepower that we’ve been driving is first-rate add to that its new larger interior and boot and it’s amongst the best in class but for our full review

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