2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia review

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia review if you’re in the market for a mid-range company car you might be a little bit bored with what’s on offer BMW 3-series Oda for a Mercedes c-class all come from

Germany Alfa Romeo then injects a bit of Italian flair and is aimed at people who really do like to drive rather much like the jaguar XE but can those good looks

be backed up by being easy to live with every day in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive when it’s like on the inside and ultimately whether you

should buy one and if you go to what card , head to the new car deals section you’ll find some great deals on the Giulia and all of its key rivals in

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia review

terms of engine choices – petrels and two diesels if you’re a motorway mile mantra you’ll probably go for one of the diesels they’re the same engine size 2.2

litre and come in a 148 or 178 brake horsepower and they pull well even if they sound a little gruff when you first start them up our recommendation is the more powerful

one if you’re looking for a petrol go for the 2-liter turbo because it sounds better than the diesel and it’s quieter and it seems to match the Julia’s

playful driving style better at the very top of the range is the Julia Quadrifoglio it has a v6 petrol pushing out 503 brake horsepower all going to

the rear wheels just like all of the others in the range although they don’t have quite that amount of forces and it does mean that it’s a competitor for

BMWs m3 it’s an absolute riot to drive quickly but of course with that extra power also comes higher running cost even lesser versions of the Julia a

great Drive though blending a smooth ride with precise and agile handling it’s the class leader in this respect you sit low down in the Julia but it’s

comfortable and this steering wheel is wonderfully tactile unfortunately though there’s a marked difference in look and feel between the entry-level car and

those fitted with the luxury pack the luxury pack brings leather-wrapped dashboard pads and wood veneers and it’s only then that the Julia can get within

shouting distance of the Audi a4 and BMW 3-series for material quality but some of the switches and dials still feel quite cheap similarly the graphics on

this 8.8 inch screen are a little bit below average the menu is quite confusing which means it’s quite a frustrating experience and it’s dim

which means it’s quite hard to see in direct sunlight the low roofline and low seats mean getting into the julia is a bit of a mission but once you’re here is

very comfortable and a pleasant place to be the front seats are wide and there’s plenty of adjustment so you should be able to find a decent driving position

and the steering wheel also has reach and great there’s a lot of storage places for your odds and ends and a large cubby underneath the armrest

move to the back seats and although legroom is decent Headroom is moderate and taller adults will probably complain on long journeys and as is typical with

this class the middle seat is best reserved for a small child despit having the same amounts of space as both the BMW 3 Series and Audi a4 the julia’s

boot it’s not quite as usable it’s not a square or is accessible compared to its rivals and you have to pay extra for split folding rear seats

howdy fits them as standard even the entry-level model comes with 16-inch alloy wheels cruise control and automatic emergency braking step up to

Julius super trim and you get some neat interior fixtures and large alloy wheels but not much more money low co2 emissions make the diesels attractive as

a company car choice but private buyers will find finance crates are a little higher than the competition of course you can save money on a new Giulia by.

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