2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 review

2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 review now you might think they’re having lesser Aston Martin something isn’t necessarily a good thing but in this case you could be wrong you see the can all we have here

is the Aston Martin DBS v12 and that’s got a 5 point 2 litre twin-turbocharged engine however the car we have here is the new Aston Martin DBS v8 model and

that’s got a 4 liter v8 twin turbocharged engine derived from Mercedes AMG products it’s got 503 brake horsepower which is about a hundred brake horsepower down on

2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 review

the v12 but it’s got a similar amount of torque but crucially it weighs 115 kilograms less and when it comes to cars the less they weigh the better they tend

to handle so could it be that the DB 11 v8 model is a DB 11 to buy so the question is has that reduction in weight had an effect on the DB Elevens handling

and the answer is absolutely it has now the nose feels much lighter and when you turn into a corner you can feel that as the car feels more nindroid what’s the

respond much quicker to your inputs and the steering they change the weighting slightly so it’s actually got a little bit heavier but that’s good because it

gives you a bit more feedback so you can gauge what those front wheels are doing the thing is though this is still a rear-wheel drive car and you do need to

be a bit careful it’s got less power than a v12 but the weather’s changed it’s now raining and on the way out of corners you need to be a little bit

judicious with the throttle because we’re 503 brake horsepower going through those rear wheels and the limite traction it just wants to swap ends on

you if you just give it too much gas and there’s so much torque from this engine low down that all that kind of performance comes in in the big rush

it’s very easy to overwhelm the rear tires and all boy this engine does sound good it’s great in the AMG models but here Aston Martin have dialed out a little bit of the

lowdown boomer dish you get with that and give it a slightly higher pitched racier tone and boy when you get on there just lovely and little pops and

crackles as you change down it’s actually more involving than the v12 engine in some ways is it feels more like the driver’s car where’s the v12 is

more that kind of granite or a smooth long-distance machine and then of course there’s a drive musician which you kind of look spoiled in a car like this for

two reasons one you’re going to be doing lots of miles in it potentially and also it’s a powerful car and on roads like these you kind of want to feel a bit of

one with the thing and I’ve got the steering wheel just where I want there’s a good amount of adjustment to it the seats comfortable and also got plenty of

litter elbow room which is something that isn’t particularly common with Aston Martins there’s tend to be a bit constricted it’s still not quite like an

S 500 for example which is a bigger car and then you’ve got the Bentley GT which again feels similar to this but it has more space and practicality so the rear

seats in this is pretty small you get some kids in there but that’s about i and then the boots quite small as well so you need to pack light for your

Intercontinental trip it does feel very well-appointed in here as well so typical Aston Martin we’ve got lots of leather everywhere to be

able to buy brand color in this one this rather leery purple well the stitching is all beautiful we’ve got a carbon fiber trim on the doors but he can have

that replace with wood veneers of your choice and also we’ve got some decent infotainment system it’s the Mercedes system so it’s not quite as good as a

BMW idrive or something like that but it’s still much better than Aston Martins and over there rather outdated Garmin systems and what’s really nice about the DB 11 is

it’s got this other side to it so you got the ferocity when you walk but if you just press his sport button on the steering wheel and that just dials back the modes

we’re in GT mode now which gives you softer suspension and quietens off the exhaust a little bit and now it’s a car that you sit there and think well I

could do several hundred miles driving through Europe and enjoy this being comfortable and get out feeling quite refreshed at the end of it so the

question we wanted answering at the start was is the v8 the best DB 11 you can buy no doubt about it yes it’s so much more engaging to drive in the v12

however is the DB 11 v8 the best GT car you can buy well that depends on whether you want something of a luxury or sporting feel for often along the Mercedes s500 coupe a steel rules theroost

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