2018 Audi Q2 SUV review

2018 Audi Q2 SUV review howdy is making a real push at the moment with SUVs there’s the cute 7 Q 5 Q 3 and now this the Q 2 it’s the smallest SUV to where the Audi badge its

underpinnings are shared with the Audi a3 and Volkswagen Golf as well as new SUVs if there’s attacker and Skoda Kodiak like most cars of its type its

geared towards city driving where its high seating position and small dimensions make it a breeze to maneuver through city streets so is the q2 just a

golfing rugged clothing or is it a real contender in this crowded market keep watching to find out if there’s water Aldi smallest SUV than just it looks the

2018 Audi Q2 SUV review

1.4 petrol engine we’ve got fitters of this car is more flexible than the entry-level 1 litre petrol because you don’t have to change gears often to make

Swift progress around town and with what he calls cylinder on-demand technology it’s almost as frugal as the smaller engine – it switches off 2 of the 4

cylinders when the engine is at low revs the q2 takes corners with agility it has a touch more body lean than its hatchback sibling but it corners flatter

than many rivals including the Mercedes GLA the only area where the q2 isn’t always up to the standards of the a3 or gulf is right the standard dynamic

suspension is fairly firm and crashes over potholes and a stiffer sports are helpless harder still one way to fix this is to spec the adaptive suspension

which allows you to choose between softer and firmer settings however these small niggles don’t stop the q2 fro being a relaxing long-distance Cruiser

there’s plenty of adjustments in the seat and steering wheel and it’s also very supportive lines up well with the pedals but lumps support is not standard

you have to spec that as an extra the q2 is a lofty driving position makes forward visibility excellent the rear is slightly hampered by the thick pillars

however you can get parking sensors or speck a reversing camera which does make parking a little easier the dash is borrowed from the a3 which is a good

thing because the layout works well and these buttons operate with a precise clip all these MMI infotainment system is one of the best on offer it lets you control the radio

sat-nav and other functions using this rotary dial and some shortcut buttons placed on the center console you get a seven-inch touchscreen as standard and

if you pay a little bit extra you can upgrade to all DS virtual cockpit which puts items such as the sat-nav directions right in front of your eyes

in terms of connecting your mobile phone is Android auto or apple carplay but what I’m going to do now is pair my mobile phone via bluetooth and set a

destination in the sat-nav so if I click on new and telephone would be a good start to connect mobile phone go to the Bluetooth on my phone and make sure it

so much it is Audi MMI two three four I would I phone yes / establishing connection please wait now we will go to sat-nav where would you like to go I think I’ll go to where

I already suggested actually London Trafalgar Square I feel like being tourist for the day yeah the gardens I wanted to go to Trafalgar Square

actually oh there we are Trafalgar Square start route guidance well that was pretty simple the roads are being calculated

although there’s a decent amount of head and legroom in the front of the queue – there’s not in the fundus of storage spaces admittedly the door bins are not

a bad size but the cupholders are rather skinny and this is also quite shallow rear seat space isn’t as good as you’ll find in a set a tech ER or BMW x1 the

rear bench is not wide enough to sit three side-by-side comfortably and taller passengers will find their heads are brushing the roof lining and their

knees are brushing their seats in front not me though at five foot four and a half at least the boot is thicker than an Audi a3 Sportback and having no load

lip here means it’s easier to put heavier items in on paper the q2 is more expensive to buy than key rivals the cert attacker and Nissan Qashqai however

because there are people queuing up to buy one residual value should be very strong and if you bite on PCP which most people will it becomes very competitive

while the 1.6 diesel is the most frugal the 1.4 petrol is not far behind when it comes to MPD’s and emissions and will suit most people better so that’s the

one we’d go for sport is our favorite trim because it gives you sat-nav or automatic lights and wipers and cruise control plus it lets you customize your

QT with a contrasting paint color on its rear pillars all cue twos come with the latest safety technology including automatic emergency braking which stops

you from inadvertently crashing into the car in front overall the q2 is an appealing all-rounder it’s a good-looking car with tidy handling and a classy interior it

may not be the last word in practicality or interior space but if you’re after a compact SUV it should definitely

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