2018 Ford Fiesta review

2018 Ford Fiesta review the Ford Fiesta is Britain’s best selling new car more than a million have been sold since the launch of the previous model to put that into

perspective imagine everyone in a city the size of Glasgow driving one yet the fiestas rule at the top of the market is in danger challenges from the scared

of Fabia CSI be fair and Volkswagen Polo mean for the fiestas to triumph it needs to be better to drive more practical and easier to live with than all of them and

2018 Ford Fiesta review

that is a lot to ask so is the Fiesta still among the best small cars around that’s what we’ll find out in this review but before we move on if you’re

interested in buying a Ford Fiesta check out our new car deals section on whatcar.com where we can help save you some money first though let’s see what

the Fiesta is like to drive the 1 litre turbocharged petrol engine we’ve got in this car is part of Ford’s EcoBoost range and it’s an absolute gem

it has enough power to keep you going on the move around town and on the motorway whilst remaining fairly economical it comes in three power guises and it’s the

lowest powered 100 that we would recommend elsewhere there are two non turbocharged 1.1 litre petrol engines best suited to driving around town or if

you’re doing higher mileage you may prefer one of the two available 1.5 litre diesel engines the Fiesta remains one of the best cars in this market to

drive and it deals brilliantly with the cracks and potholes that you’ll find on UK roads especially if you’re fo smaller alloy wheels it handles well and

is as much fun to drive as some sports cars along twisting country lanes thanks to its sharp steering and responsive nature going for the 1 litre EcoBoost

engine and the Fiesta is pleasantly quiet even as speed although some road noise does find its way in especially with models fitted with large alloy wheels

you sit higher in the Ford Fiesta compared to most of its rivals but that’s not a bad thing it makes it easy to see out of and although the rear

visibility slightly compromised by the funky shape not enough to affect its parking because it is a doddle to park this little Ford Fiesta and in actual

fact you get rear parking sensors are standard on titanium models and above but if you go for the z-tech that we recommend they are optional and on

high-end fiestas you can even spec a reversing camera all Fiesta is excluding the entry-level style model come with apple carplay and android auto

integration so you can control your mobile phone whilst on the move using the in-car system and without touching your mobile phone and if you go

for z-tech and st line you get a six point five inch touchscreen interface go for a titanium and above and you get an eight-inch touchscreen with built in

sat-nav and if you love your music like I do and then the upgraded Bang & Olufsen stereo is worth considering the fiestas build quality is pretty good and

all the controls that you touch regularly such as these buttons on th steering wheel feel fairly upmarket that said and the Volkswagen poner and

survived ether feel even better put together there’s plenty of head and leg room in the front of the Ford Fiesta and two others can sit side by side very

comfortably although we would avoid going for the panoramic sunroof because that can eat into Headroom a little not that I need to worry about that and

there’s plenty of places to store your everyday clutter for example we’ve got two cupholders here and one in the door bin just there and some earthly or

mobile-phone decent-sized glovebox step into the rear seats and it’s a completely different story tall adults will have to sit bolt upright or have

their knees squished against the seat in front I’m five foot four and a half so I don’t have that problem however I can see how people who are six-foot would

feel rather cramped in here and as for the middle seat well that’s even more squishy and the fiestas boot isn’t the biggest in its class either while you

can squeeze a couple of large suitcases or a weekly shop in there the Skoda Fabia and suicide beef that both have bigger boots on a plus side you can drop

a seat to create more room but if you haven’t paid extra for this false floor you will notice a really irritating step compared with say a Skoda Fabia the Ford

Fiesta works out quite pricey and discounts aren’t as good as you might expect the bad news continues if you’d like to buy it on a PCP deal as many

customers will because it works out is quite expensive compared with many of its rivals on a plus point though thanks to its low co2 emissions if you’re

buying it as a company car it works out cheaper than many of its rivals we’d avoid the relatively Spartan style models and go instead for a Z tech car

which gets you alloy wheels a heated windscreen front fog lights a smarter looking interior and an upgraded infotainment Package titanium trim is

also worth looking at if you would like some luxuries because you get cruise control keyless start automatic lights and wipers and sat-nav regardless of

which Fiesta you go for all models come with seven airbags linkie persistence and automatic emergency braking the Ford Fiesta is brilliant to drive has a good amount of

kit and those EcoBoost engines are a real treat overall we recommend the Serta Luther however the Fiesta still remains one of the best small cars around for plenty more on the

Ford Fiesta including our online review

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