2018 Jaguar I-Pace review

2018 Jaguar I-Pace review and we started every year what car asks its readers which upcoming mama bear most excited about this January the winner was the Jackie O I pace with more

than eight times as many votes as any other car but when you think about it it is easy to see why it’s so popular an electric car and an SUV the high pace is

right on trend blending the two fastest growing sectors of the new car market but just as key to its appeal is the fact it looks like it’s driven straight

2018 Jaguar I-Pace review

off the set of a sci-fi movie crew Jagger isn’t the first brand to go to an electric SUV having be beaten by Tesla it’s Model X but that’s a much bigger

car and even the cheapest version will cost you more than seventy thousand pounds whereas Eli paces available for less than sixty after you factor in the

government’s four thousand five hundred pound electric vehicle grant power for the IPAs comes from two electric motors with one at the front and the other at

the rear to make it forward drive and together they produced almost 400 brake horsepower which is enough to get the car from nought to 60 in four and a half

seconds slower than the range-topping model X but significantly faster than the majority of cars electric or otherwise similarly the 298 miles that

the ipace is said to be capable of on a single charge surpasses the ranges of most electric cars even if it falls short of the 351 miles of the priciest

Model X and it’s worth bearing in mind that unlike most existing electric models the ipace has been tested on th new W LTP cycle which is intended to

better reflect real-world driving conditions but what’s the janky right pace like to drive in the real world well as in all electric cars the maximum

torque is available from the minute you press the starter button instead of you having to rev the engine up to a certain level as you would in a petrol or diesel

car that means it’s very responsive when you press the throttle not to mention properly quick it’s a very smooth delivery – and as you’d

expect very quiet all those batteries do make it a heavy car in fact it weighs more than 2 tons and you feel that weight loading up on to the outside

wheels when you turn into a corner at speed but the car offers loads of grip and it’s steering is reassuring the precise it’s only really the ride that

lets the side down because to cut bubbles around at times particularly at low speed although it’s never harsh the interior of the ipace isn’t quite as

concept car like as the exterior instead borrowing heavily from the voila and that means the upper dash is dominated by this large touchscreen you

access the satellite navigation stereo and phone functions through this new or the lower center console is also touch sensitive and used to control secondary

systems such as the air conditioning the downside of touchscreens is they tend to be quite fiddly and distracting to use on the move because you have to look at

the screen to find the exact area you want to hit however the AI paces are complemented b two rotary dials that can be operated by feel and the change function depending

on the menu you’ve selected this definitely helps as to the separate buttons that let you cycle through the various driving modes or the mind

functions are buried deep within the on-screen menus and can really only be operated when the car is stationary what about practicality well getting in

could be easier because it’s quite a wide sill to climb over however once you’re inside there’s enough leg and Headroom for a couple of six-footers

even if the shape of this roofline is you can feel a little bit hemmed in there’s also loads of space for luggage certainly a lot more than you get in

similarly sized but conventionally powered SUVs such as our DQ 5 and Porsche Macan the eye pace isn’t perfect it’s no good to put millions of people

to electric motoring in its own simply because it isn’t cheap enough for that but it’s a showcase for electric cars and Jaguar capable of its impressive

it looks fantastic it’s enjoyable to drive and it’s got a big range it’s short people too right to be excited about it for a more detailed 16-point

review just head over to work our comm and search jack your eye pace and finally remember

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