2018 Mazda MX-5 review

2018 Mazda MX-5 review when it comes to fun open top cars fewer fit the bill better than the mx-5 it’s got a pedigree dating back to 1989 and a cult following all over the world it’s

got a reputation for delivering sports car thrills for a very unsporting mx-5 really is in a class of its own it’s only real competition is for its one to

four and that’s even based on the Mazda and although the Toyota gt86 is similar in terms of fun and affordability it misses out on the mx-5 s convertible

2018 Mazda MX-5 review

roof so is the Mazda mx-5 the perfect convertible package then in this review we’ll find out and we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive how easy it is to

live with and how comfortable it is and if after that you fancy driving an owning one head – what car calm because we might be able to save you thousands

go to our new car deals section but first we’ll take it for a drive simplicity is the name of the game here because there are only two engines to

choose from the entry-level option is a 1.5 litre petrol which needs to be worked hard for it to perform at its best but it doesn’t feel slow our pick

though is the more powerful 2 liter petrol fitted to this car it’s thrilling without being frightening on tight country roads and the extra punch

makes overtaking just that little bit more effective plus it’s fitted with a clever limited differential which means you can accelerate out of corners

without skidding both engines are teamed up to a six-speed manual gearbox which is a delight to use when the roof is u there’s an acceptable amount of noise

for a roadster like this and even when the roof is down things don’t get too blustery on the downside there’s some vibrations through the steering wheel

and pedals when the engine is at very low or very high revs the mx-5 has soft suspension meaning it’s a comfortable car over most roads it copes easily with

bumps and ruts and even on larger alloy wheels it’s never uncomfortable where this car shines though is with its handling it feels nimble and quick to

change direction with accurate and well weighted steering that makes you feel involved that soft suspension means the car can lean a little into the corners

but it’s a small price to pay you sit quite low in the Mazda mx-5 which seems to be in keeping with its sporty Ouimet and there’s enough adjustment in the

seat to get comfortable and although the steering will only adjust for up and down and not reach you should be able to find the right driving position unless

you’re really tall and then you might find it a bit tricky there’s a good view out the front of the mx-5 but when the roof is up visibility out the back is

quite poor and you only get parking sensors are standard on top of the range sport nav models that said you can drop the roof very quickly and get a better

view of your surroundings providing of course that it’s not raining things aren’t exactly plush in here but it does have more luxury touches than previous

models and range-topping ones even get leather seats base models get a CD playe and radio with two USB inputs and for that reason alone we’d recommend

upgrading to an SEL nav version because then you’ll get a 7-inch color touch screen with sat-nav Bluetooth connectivity and da B radio the system

is really easy to use both through the touchscreen and also via this rotary controller on the centre console the only irritation is that even if you

turn off voice guidance the speakers were still dim when there would be an announcement which is a bit odd space and practicality is admittedly where the

mx-5 falls slightly short the best way to describe this interior is snug because you will be sitting in close proximity with the person next to you

and taller drivers may find it a little too cramped and when it comes to storage there’s no door bins and really you’ve just got a very small storage space here

and a little stowage there there aren’t any rear seats so you won’t be taking any rear passengers and just struggle to fit any more than it jumper

in between your seat and here but there is another tiny amount of storage and when it comes to the boot it’s the same amount of space whether the roof is up

or down which isn’t a huge amount as you would expect however it is enough for two weekend bags the mx-5s affordable price tag mean very few can match it in

terms of attainable driving fun and that carries over if you’re buying it on a PCP deal – and with both of the petrol engines being fairly efficient it means

running costs a pretty competitive as well entry-level se models come with air conditioning LED headlights and two USB connections but we think that our

upgrading to SEL nav trim is a wise move because this gets you the 7-inch infotainment screen sat-nav and an upgraded stereo team mates with our

recommended 2 liter engine and you’ll also get 17-inch alloy wheels the mx-5 gets a four star rating in the Euro endcap crash tests for airbags and a bonnet that pops

up in an accident to minimize injury to pedestrians the Mazda mx-5 is a terrific two-seater that’s affordable to buy and own in fact it’s one of our favorite

convertibles for plenty more on the Mazda mx-5 including our full online review

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