2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review

2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review it’s a tale as old as time if you want a junior executive saloon car you’ll either have a BMW 3 Series and Audi a4 or this the mercedes-benz c-class that

story is changing though because these days the c-class doesn’t just have its German rivals to worry about it’s also got to defend itself against jag you as

XE smaller cars from the class below such as our DS a3 saloon and even justify itself against good value rivals from the class above cars like the BMW 5-series

2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review

to compensate mercedes has given this c-class a really stylish interior and a driver experience focused on comfort so is it all worth it all these days is to

see flash out Shawn buy stronger competition that’s what we’ll answer in this review starting with how it handles on UK roads there’s a staggering amount of choice

when it comes to engines in this CPR saloon it all kicks off with the c200 petrol then there’s a trio of diesels battery to C 200 C 220 and C 250 blue

text and even petrol electric and diesel electric hybrids and then if that isn’t enough you’ve also got a sporty C 43 version and even range-topping c63 and

c63 s performance saloons – here we’re driving the C 250 BlueTEC diesel which has more power than I recommended C 220 it certainly feels that way punchy but

unfortunately it’s no more refined and that means there’s plenty of noise and vibration coming into the interior overall the C 220 is a better bet

because it has enough power to keep you moving swiftly but is also fairly kindon running costs the sea commerce isn’t as inspiring t drive as its rivals from BMW Audi or

Jaguar this steering has an inconsistent weighting and there’s quite a lot of body roll through corners plus none of the standard suspension setup delivers a

particularly comfortable ride things do improve if you opt for the AIRMATIC air suspension though even then the c-class still crashes over potholes on this c-class we’ve got a smooth

shifting 9 speed automatic gearbox now the gearbox itself can take care of most of the work very easily but you can take control using these paddles behind the

steering wheel so if you do find yourself on a lonely long country road then you can have a bit of fun you can choose from one of five different

driving modes using this button here on the center console you can choose from Comfort Sport Sport+ and individual mode and an eco mode

although in truth the changes they make a really minor we find it’s best to leave the car in comfort which seems more suited to its nature this in Syria is certainly very nice and

even taller drivers should have no trouble getting comfortable back to this driver’s seat which are just electrically and in this case the

drivers controls are all here on the door so there’s no reaching down to the side of the seat unless you want to find the lumbar support there’s also this

steering wheel which again adjusts electrically on this car for height as well as for reach there’s a good view out the front of the c-class but looking

out in the rear is hampered by those thick rear pillars and that relativel small rear window fortunately every c-class comes with a reversing camera as

standard and if you go for a sport model then you also get front and rear parking sensors you can also opt for a self parking system which can do the job for

you now what’s really nice about this interior is the way it looks and it certainly looks better than the more conservatively styled options you’ll

find in the Audi a4 or BMW 3-series go for a range shopping AMG line model and you also get this imitation leather here on top of the dashboard another nice

touch but as you start to prod and feel your way around the seagrasses cabin you start to realize that it’s not as well put together as its German rivals

every seaglass up to the range-topping c63 gets this 7 inch screen mounted high up on the dashboard and it’s controlled by this rotary dial and touchpad

combination here on the center console now if you go for a sport or AMG line version they’re now standard you get a relatively crude Garmin sat-nav

but we recommend upgrading to Mercedes own command system which gets you a much greater clearer display its features included da B radio and there are two

USB inputs here under the center armrest so let’s see how easy it is to use starting with how to pair my mobile phone via bluetooth

now bluetooth is already turned on on my mobile phone so if I navigate back to telephone and I’m going to connect a device bluetooth is turned on on my

mobile and we’re going to search for phones so there we go the search has begun see how long it takes and how many other phones are in this area there we go it has found my

phone so let’s see how long it takes to connect yes that passkey matches so we’ll select yes connecting profiles and wait for it there we go we’re connected and that

means I can use many of the features of my phone without taking my eyes off the road that’s obviously very important so now I can put my phone away and we’ll

see how easy it is to set a destination in the sat-nav so I’m going to use this rotary dial to navigate to the Navi menu and then we’re going to select a

destination as destination and I’m going to enter an address so I’m going to select town and as ever going to aim for our offices in Twickenham now I’m going

to use this touchpad system and this is much like the Audi a4 or 3-series it can recognize your handwriting so if I start writing the word Twickenham we’ll see how long it takes

it gotta please wait already so TW I see there we go it’s found looking them straight away we’re going to select okay and continue with the same for the

center as you can hear the route is being calculated and there we go very quickly very simple to use and once it’s maps up it’s actually a very clear

display and once you’ve got this in front of you you can even have navigation instructions relate to this driver display right in the middle of

these dots that means you don’t even have to take your eyes off the road to look at them there’s enough space to stretch out here in the front of the

mercedes-benz c-class even if you’re a taller adult there’s plenty of legroom and Headroom even if you go for this optional panoramic glass roof there’s a

good amount of storage space on offer – with wide door pockets a decent cubby beneath this center armrest and a covered area at the base of the

dashboard plus as usual as a glove box move to the rear seats of the three class and things do get a bit more cramped and if you’re anything like me

sitting three adults back here we will be quite limited on space to six footers though it should be fine because you still get quite a large amount of

legroom although a word of warning anybody relegated to this middle seat will have this quite high transmission tunnel to deal with which will limit

your legroom you do get some fairly nifty storage solutions though because each passenger gets their own pockets here in the door and also a small holder

in the back of the seat in front of you in terms of boot space to see class is on par with the BMW 3-series and that means you should easily be able to get a

set of golf clubs in here awesome weekend shopping without any trouble if you do need to extend this space further though then you can get folding down

seats so that means if you pull on these handles you can then move the seats down so you just fold these seats down nice and easy and then you’ve got a large

relatively flat space which should be big enough for anything that you’re thinking of moving as you might expect the c-class is priced competitively next to the BMW

3-series and it makes good sense as a company car especially if you go for a manual gearbox because that gets you lower co2 emissions than many of its

direct rivals the official fuel economy figures stack up well too as does the C classes resale values in fact it continues to be good news right down to

equipment because even entry-level se models get alloy wheels leather seats climate and cruise controls and a reversing camera for our money though

we’d upgrade to sport trim which brings extras including sat-nav full LED headlights heated front sport seats and all-round parking sensors you can pay

more for AMG line trim but the mainly cosmetic changes it brings doesn’t justify its higher price tag every c-class gets automatic emergency braking

as standard and when it was last tested by Euro endcap in 2014 it achieved the full 5 stars there is plenty to like about the mercedes-benz c-class its interior looks

very stylish and its low co2 emissions and generous standard equipment only sweeten the deal ultimately we still prefer the more well-rounded a4 in this

market but the c-class is a very credible alternative now plenty more on the mercedes-benz c-class including our full online review.

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