2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class review

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class review hello and welcome to another short video where we take a quick look at a new car and in this case it’s the facelifted Mercedes s-class the

statement of luxury that is the Mercedes s-class what Mercedes had done had done some detail changes the outside so we’ve got a new grille new headlights and new

bumpers front and rear there’s a few detailed changes inside but what the cars all about is new autonomous technology and also a new range of

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class review

engines which include six-cylinder in-line petrol and diesel engines plus his new v8 and new v12 as well we’re going to concentrate on the six-cylinder

petrol which is the S 500 and go for a drive and see what it’s like because diesels are still like to be popular in the UK I’ll just let you know what you

can get it will be a whole new straight six diesel and that comes with 292 brake horsepower or 335 brake horsepower the petrol sixes meanwhile they come as

369 brake horsepower in the S 450 but as I mentioned earlier on we’re in the S 500 and that has 429 brake horsepower which is a healthy amount for a car like

this however this is no ordinary petrol engine because like most of them these days yes it’s got a turbocharger to give you that extra boost of power but

probably that is is when you put your foot down initially there’s a little bit of lag while the turbocharger starts to spool up so what Mercedes have done to

overcome that is fit an electric motor directly to the back of the engine to give it a bit of extra boost initiall and also an electric compressor which is

sort of a turbocharged we’ve driven off a motor and combined when you put your foot down now it instantly picks up and on so what a smooth engine is lovely it

really picks up nicely and actually go into the redline it sounds gorgeous but the burning question every prospective s-class buyer is going to want to know

is does it still waft you along and yes the answer is it does as standard you get air suspension and it soaks up all the bumps and ripples and even though

it’s no drivers car you can firm it up and when you do it’s not a bad thing around corners either it is to do its size and weight there’s even a new

function that makes it even more comfortable and it’s a it was an option and what it does is it tilts the car at an angle of 2.6 degrees

I think it was if I remember from the press conference and it’s a bit like a motorcycle when you see a motorcycle going around bends it’s tilting all the

time and that’s what the s-class does and it stops you from having the cautery forces trying to force you out your seat so it makes the ride much more relaxing

now earlier on you may recall I mentioned something about Mercedes upping the autonomous driving technology in the new s-class and this is all about

trying to get to a future where cars will drive themselves but what they’ve done is extended what they had in the old car which is the system it would

steer for you and it would also break for you if the car in front slowed dow but here they’ve added a new feature where it will redo PS map data so I’ve

now got the cruise control set to a hundred kilometres now which is the speed limit but I’m doing just over 70 kilometres now because we’ve just gone

through a series of bends and the cars read but the bends are they’re slowed down to the appropriate speed and driven through very successfully it’s really

rather clever the old s-class was always the luxury limousine to beat and to be honest nothing’s really changed yes a BMW 7-series might a little bit more

driver appeal into the mix but let’s face it people buying limousines they want space luxury and toys and that’s where the facelifted s-class excels and

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