2018 Range Rover SUV review

2018 Range Rover SUV review the Range Rover is a true motoring icon since the first version went on sale more than 40 years ago it’s introduced millions of owners to the idea of

luxury SUV it’s a real jack-of-all-trades to able to carry you your family and their luggage over Hill and Dale but there’s a problem

because it’s seen as a consummate all-rounder it is an expensive choice even in this market and key rivals such as the Audi q7 Volvo xc90 and Land

2018 Range Rover SUV review

Rovers own discovery a cheaper to buy once reserved for the landed gentry and footballers today the Range Rover appeals to anyone looking for space

quality and the knowledge that they’ll be able to go anywhere on or off road attitudes are changing all the time though especially when it comes to big

SUVs like this so the question is can the Range Rover still cut it next to leaner greener competition in this review we’ll find out

there are four engines on offer in the Range Rover including a fairly frugal hybrid our pick at the rainshow is the entry-level three litre diesel which

we’ve got in this car it gives you plenty of low-end pulling power but emits a fairly heavy 196 g/km of co2 if you want more power than there’s a four

point four liter diesel v8 option with three hundred and thirty four brake horsepower and even a five liter v8 petrol with over 500 brake horsepower

both cost more to buy and run though and in the real world the difference in performance isn’t that big the Rang Rover excels when it comes to ride

comfort all versions of the car get air suspension as standard and that means you glide over most of the ruts and bumps you’ll find on British tarmac ride

control is excellent in fact it’s even better than most luxury saloons now the Range Rover is a very big car and there’s no getting away from that but

one of its tricks is in hiding its bulk very well it’s more agile than you might expect and it feels precise in most situations in fact it’s only when you’re

hurting along a countryside B Road that it tends to pitch and lean through the the Range Rover has a well-deserved reputation for being a comfortable car

with which to do big journeys and from this supportive driving position it’s easy to imagine crossing entire countries continents even without

feeling tired this steering wheel moves in and out and up and down electrically and every car gets electric front seats with adjustable lumbar support have standard

now once you’ve clambered up into this driver seat it’s easy to find the right position and it gives you a great view over the road ahead as well which is all

down to height more about that in a moment but if you need to Park the Range Rover you might imagine that its size would make it feel very hefty when in fact

these straight lines let you see exactly where the edges of the car are so actually parking it is quite easy and that’s helped by standard parking

sensors and a rear-view camera now on to height again so imagine you need t lower the car to let somebody else in or indeed raise it to go off-road because

of the air suspension it is but the work of a moment so if I turn the car on we’ll be able to see that in action it’s all down to this button here on the

centre console if I press and hold it the whole car lowers as if by magic and if I need to raise it again then it’s just the button the other way and the

whole car raises itself up to what is now normal height and if I press it again we’re going to go up to what’s called off-road height and speaking of going off-road gone are

the days where you have to pull levers in the cabin to activate things like diff locks and make the car able to go off-road no these days it’s all

controlled electronically using this panel now I’ve got several different modes on offer here we can choose snow rain and ice we can choose forest we can

choose deserts and we can choose to go over rocky terrain essentially anything that you’re likely to encounter and all that makes the Range Rover one of the

most capable off-roaders on sale today and that’s despite its relatively newfound status as also being a luxury car it shouldn’t come as any surprise to

find that the materials on show here are among the best around leather trim is standard and the craftsmanship on offer is of an extremely high standard and it

all feels well put together that said rivals such as the Audi q7 and Bentley been Tiger mu things on even more this large touchscreen infotainment

system is called in control touch pro and the clue is in the name because everything that there’s a button for in the cabin you can pretty much control

through this screen and it is loaded with features not just the things that you’d expect like Bluetooth connectivity and sat-nav but also little extras like

ambient lighting there is four by four modes I can even deploy the cars tow bar if I’ve got it fitted without leaving my seat so let’s see how easy it is to

connect my mobile phone and then set a destination in the sat-nav and my phone is handily stored away down here bluetooth is on so I’m going to tap

to connect my phone and the system is now discoverable so if I go into my phone and select Range Rover which is in range there we go selected that it’s

immediately ask me if I want to pair with the phone which I’m doing now we used to criticize Range Rovers infotainment systems for being clunky

and slow to respond but this new version is very fast and it works very well there we go unconnected straightaway and that means I can make phone calls and

listen to my music so let’s see how easy it is to set a destination in the Range Rover sat-nav so if I press to go onto the map view and then this little button

here I’m going to type an address and as usual I’m going to head to our offices in Twickenham if I select city town or postcode I can type it in very quickly

there we go it’s found it already click search and it’s found it straight away there we go now this map is very well laid out in the whole system it’s very

graphically rich so it’s easy to see where you’re going but one of the other things the Range Rover can do now is put that information directly in front of

your eyes because although the Range Rover has has a digital dashboard for a long time now with this latest model it gives you a different theme options as

well as the option of putting the map right in front of your eyes if I select menu and go to display settings I can select the option to have

the map projected on a full screen basis so this system is now not dissimilar to the one used in modern Aries which is called virtual coffee display and that’s

a system we’ve rated very highly and similarly it works very well in the Range Rover to there is masses of space here in the front of the Range Rover and two

full-size adults will be able to sit here side by side in absolute comfort you also get some nifty features because not only is there this central armrest

here each seat also gets its own adjustable armrest as well and if you need space to put all your stuff well there’s plenty of it dotted around

inside the Range Rover these door bins down here can easily hold a large water bottle as two cupholders here which can be hidden by this slider there’s plenty

of space here under the central armrest which can also function as a fridge and you get not one but two glove boxes ideal for storing documents or in a case

I like snack anyone sitting here in the second row of seats also gets a very good deal because even if you’re sitting behind a very tall driver and I’m quite

a large person I’ve still got plenty of legroom and Headroom and even if you sit three adults back here you’re unlikely to hear any complaints over long

journeys these seats also recline at the touch of a button now this being a Range Rover you can obviously expect a fair degree of luxury back here and each of the

outer rear seats is heated and you’ve also got your own climate and ventilation controls there’s also two extra 12-volt power supplies although

interestingly no extra USB ports back here this central seat is also pretty clever if you bring it forward a little bit then you’ve got two extra cupholders

in here and an extra storage space but we swing it back into position and then bring forward the whole section then you’ve got what’s called a ski hatch and

that allows you to load long items such as skis or perhaps a set of golf clubs into the car lengthways without taking up too much extra room now bearing in mind the sort of family

who’s likely to buy the Range Rover chances are you’re going to need to take a lot of luggage with you as well so let’s have a look inside and the first

thing to note is that the Range Rovers boots is all electric you also get this split tailgate which serves a number of functions it does gives you a great

platform to change your shoes or even to load items into the boot the trouble is once it’s extended it’s quite difficult to reach in and find your stuff again so

if you’re mid journey and your shopping starts to roll around you’re going to need to really clamber in to get it back that said there is a tremendous amount

of space on offer here you can easily get a full set of holiday luggage in here or even a couple of sets of golf clubs and still have room to spare you

also get a little bit of space under the floor next to the spare wheel and if you’re in need of even more space then you can drop the rear row of seats using

these buttons and it’s all electric although it does take a bit of time the Range Rover is a very expensive choice and even a passing glance at the

options list will have you adding even more to that asking price and it’s not cheap to tax or to run in fact the only good news is that it copes very well

with depreciation and if you choose the right version then you can keep costs to a minimum the standard VOC spec cars are well-equipped but our recommended vogue

se trim level gets you extras including a dual view infotainment screen which allows passengers to watch different content to the driver a more adjustable

driver seat and upgraded stereo and headlights which dip their beam automatically you do get lots of safety kit including automatic emergency

braking and when the Range Rover was last tested by gyro and cap in 2012 it achieved the full 5 stars it might be a unique proposition but if you’re tired

of conventional luxury saloons and want something that will carry you and the family in absolute comfort then the Range Rover deserves to be on your new

car shortlist in fact in a lot of ways it’s pretty much all the car you’re ever going to need now for plenty more on the Range Rover including our full online review.

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