2018 Volkswagen T-Roc review

2018 Volkswagen T-Roc review Volkswagen styling is usually super conservative but the companies designers appear to have been let off the leash a bit for this new tea Rock it’s a small

SUV they’ll compete with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and Sat attacker but is it any good well we’ve come to Portugal for an early Drive to answer

2018 Volkswagen T-Roc review

that question like most of its rivals the t-rex available with front or forward ride because you can choose from three petrol engines and three diesels

vlogs so I can expect 80% of British tea rocks to be petrol powered unfortunately toothy Oni petrol engine available for us to try at this early stage was the

flagship 2 litre which sound like excel in big numbers it’s as smooth and strong as you’d hope but really isn’t necessary if our experience of the cheaper 1.5 on

1 litre petrol engines in other Volkswagens is anything to go by we also tried the mid-level diesel which is a tunas unit and pulls well from low res

and it’s quite at cruising speeds however it can be a bit crumbly around town and becomes downright noisy if you have the optional DSG automatic gearbox

and select sport mode because this causes the car to hold on to gears for longer and in turn revs the engine harder as for the handling

well the tarik does feel taller than a cash guy real isn’t as precise as I can check out from the main reason for that it’s also better in the bumps the t-rex

precise and sweetly weighted controls make it an easy car to drive smoothly – like the exterior the interior of th tear rock is flashing that we’ve come to

expect from Volkswagen featuring body coloured dashboard inserts and fancy ambient lighting but what it all looks good the plastics are hauled throughout

the car and the top of the dashboard has a hollow feel this is particularly strange winds significantly cheaper VW Polo gets plush soft touch plastics more

positively the standard touchscreen infotainment system is the same responsive 8 inch unit that you find in the Gulf Plus has been shifted up to the

top of the dash in the tea Rock so you can still keep half an eye on the road when operating it there’s space for for adults in the tea rock but it’s tight

five and taller areas may well find their knees are touching the seat in front instead it’s the boot that VW appears to have prioritized because as a

445 meter capacity that makes it slightly bigger than the casguys although the attackers is biggeragain

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