2018 Volvo XC60 review

2018 Volvo XC60 review not long ago Volvo was seen as a cut-price alternative to the likes of an Audi BMW or Mercedes now though it is very much part of that gang and its cars

are some of the most desirable and safest on the road the original xc60 was a big hit but it didn’t face nearly as much competition

as this second-generation model and volvo wants it to be one of its best sellers but cars that stand in the way include our DS q5 BMWs x3 and the Land

2018 Volvo XC60 review

Rover Discovery sport is the xc60 up to the challenge that’s what we’ll find out in this review and don’t forget we can help save you some money if you’re

thinking of buying an XC 60 when you go to a new car buy a marketplace and a link for that is in the description below for now though let’s see how the

xc60 handles on UK roads contrary to most large SUV’s engine choice is actually quite small there’s two diesels and one petrol labeled d4 d5 and the

petrol is called the t8 our recommendation is the lower powered diesel which is the d4 because it has a hundred eighty-eight brake horsepower

and is the right blend of performance and economy it’s the most efficient in the range out of the t8 hybrid and it has good performance on both the

motorway and around town an 8-speed automatic gearbox comes as standard and it changes gear mostly swiftly and slickly although it can leave you

lingering slightly in a higher gear when you’d rather be in a lower gear Volvo claims this xc60 has sport handling while Grif is good there is

still quite a bit of lean in the corners so I think it’s a little bit stretch to actually call it sporty if you do want something with sharper handling go for

the jugular F pace or Porsche Macan the standard fit suspension on the xc60 feels well suited to UK roads the xc60 floats over most lumps and

bumps in the road although deeper potholes will still send a shudder through the car you can upgrade to an optional air suspension setup but we

think you’re better off without it neither of the diesel engines are quiet especially at idle and is quite an irritating suspension noise when you go

over a big bump and on the motorway road and wind noise is worse than an Audi q5 the xc60 seating position is more like a car than an SUV that said there’s plenty

of adjustment in the seats and steering world so you should be able to find a comfortable driving position you can adjust the height of the seat and lumbar

electrically on all models and you have to adjust the recliner and slide manually on our line and momentum anyway the visibility is excellent and even out

the back as well for an SUV it’s really good you get reverse parking sensors as standard on all models and on the options list you’ll find front parking

sensors reverse camera 360 camera even a system that parks itself this nine inch touchscreen controls virtually everything on the Volvo xc60

and the display is beautifully crisp and bright by the very nature of the fac that it is a touchscreen means it can be quite tricky to use on the move which is

one of the main reasons why BMW and Audi use a rotary dial following the sat-nav as well can be quite tricky because it’s difficult to see which road to take that

said it does have some great features including Bluetooth audio streaming da B radio and it’s got smartphone mirroring apple carplay and android auto

the xc60 is a big car so is no surprise then that even if you’re tall which I’m not you won’t feel hemmed in it’s also very light so it has the illusion of

being even more spacious in fact only the Land Rover Discovery sport in its class is indeed bigger inside there’s also plenty of places to

store your everyday clutter there’s a decent sized door bin for a large bottle of water or if you’re on your way to a party and you’re definitely not drinking

and driving a bottle of wine will fit in the door bin and there’s plenty of space here two cupholders here and even a secret little storage space here

although not so secret now and a decent sized glovebox move to the rear seats and it’s the same story tall people will really appreciate how much Headroom

there is even if you go for the optional panoramic roof there’s still plenty of headroom in fact it’s a lot more spacious than most girls in its class and you can fit

three adults side-by-side very happily indeed move around to the boot and although the Volvo xc60 can hold a couple of large suitcases or a few bags

of compost the Audi q5 and BMW x3 are bigger still that said it should be plenty big enough for most families there’s no load lip to negotiate and you

can split and fold these rear seats to create even more room now that Volvo is well and truly in the same camp as its German rivals cars like the xc60 are no

longer cheap in fact on a PCP deal is more expensive to buy them both an Audi q5 and Mercedes GLC it’s more expensive to insure compared to some of its rivals

and it won’t hold on to it you as well as the best in its class what redeems the xc60 though is its standard equipment because even entry-level momentum models

come with climate control keyless start cruise control automatic lights and wipers and heated leather seats momentum is where we’d put our money then but if

you want to splash out then pricier cars get luxuries including air suspension a heated steering wheel and massaging front seats it also scores big points

for safety because all models come with automatic emergency braking and on the options list you’ll find blind spot monitoring and pilot assist system which

helps to steer the car and keep it in its lane at motorway speeds this latest xc60 may not be the most exciting SUV to drive but it’s classy and roomy inside

has plenty of standard equipment and well in short a thoroughly recommendabl

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