2019 Audi A5 review

2019 Audi A5 review the Audi a5 investor job is a sneaker three-door version of the popular a4 saloon which let’s not forget is a former what car car of the year as

starting points go for the a5 in the a4 is very good indeed but the a5 has a much wider brief who plays like this need to look good on your driveway and

on the move and they need to be plush and comfortable inside and when you consider key rivals in this class includes a BMW 4 Series and Mercedes

2019 Audi A5 review

c-class to pay the job this a5 has to do suddenly seems a lot harder so is the Audi a5 the continental rounder or is it a case of style over substance for Audi

in this video review we’ll find out there’s a familiar range of Audi petrol diesel engines to choose from for the a5 I’ll pick up the bunch though is the

muscular 216 brake horsepower 3 litre v6 diesel fitted to the car that we’re testing today it’s the same one that we recommend in the a4 and it’s simply

superb and it comes with four drivers standard giving you extra traction on greasy and wet roads howdy says it’s intentionally made the

a5 sporty than the a4 because buyers in this market expect that however if it’s pure driving thrills you’re after you’ll probably be better off with a 4

Series although the steering is precise and attentive grip with the a5 when you increase pace and drive it quickly the BMW is a lot more insulting to drive

all of the engines are pretty quiet and although there’s some road noise over course surfaces if you avoid the reall large alloy wheels this isn’t too much

of a problem there are three suspension options depending on which trim you choose and while the adaptive setup is subtle enough to take the sting as a smaller

refuse and bigger bump it can still be fairly firm especially if you encounter potholes and the skipper airline suspension is firmer still and you might

expect the a5s interior is very similar to that of the a4 which is not a bad thing howdy is renowned for having classy interiors and this a five

certainly lives up to that in terms of finding a comfortable driving position that’s easy because there’s plenty of adjustments in the steering wheel and

the seat not only that they also offer a lot of support although if it’s lumber support you’re after you will have to pay extra on the cheapest trim model

which is a little disappointing hourly the MMI system comes as standard on all a fives and features this seven-inch screen it’s controlled this rotary dial here

and the graphics are clear and logically laid out plows there’s some handy shortcuts to take you to some key functions and sat-nav comes a standard

across all trims if you go for Audi virtual cockpit display you also get this twelve point three inch screen right in front of you it replaces

conventional dolls houses the most important information including the sat-nav directions right in front of your eyes now let’s see how easy it is

to set a destination in the sat-nav and also pair my mobile phone first of al then where would you like to go let’s go to fermium b4 zero I think we might be winning though

space one and t excellent I’ll being calculated so if you want to put the whole postcode in it does appear that you would need to put the city in

first now if we get rid of the navigation and see how easy it is to pair my mobile phone click on telephone connect mobile phones make sure my

bluetooth is on which it is find new devices continue and how are we getting on with my mobile Bluetooth are you there audio yes you are

mm I reckon iPhone establishing connection pair yes connected the fact you’re even considering a coupe a means that space

is not your number-one priority however even taller adults will find there is enough room in the front to stretch out I’m five foot four and a half but I

assure you there is plenty of room for six verses as is also the case with the rear although they may need to click their necks over slightly because of the

sloping roofline the a5 also has a fairly large boot in fact on paper is bigger than both the BMW 4-series and Mercedes c-class coupe a and it’s

square dimensions mean it’s pretty useful for bulkier items and if you fold down the rear seat which comes a standard although there’s a gentle slope

in the floor is still very much a usable space as you might expect the a5 does cost a bit more to buy than the a4 on which it’s based however the entry-level 2-liter diesel

is competitively priced against the BMW 4-series when it comes to running one as a company car the most efficient version pumps out just 105 g/km of co2 which

means it will cost you less attacks than both the BMW 4-series and Mercedes c-class to face all models come with xenon headlights a 7-inch entertainment

screen and split folding rear seats and our recommended Sport trim gets you sat-nav LED interior lighting sport seats and 17-inch alloy wheels for not

much more money the a5 is comfortable quiet and classy which is everything you want from a car in this segment yes it could be more involving to drive but

it’s certainly a worthwhile choice if you’re looking for a plush coupe a for plenty more on the Audi a5 including our full online review

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