2019 Audi Q7 review

2019 Audi Q7 review few cars can claim to be as versatile as the Audi q7 it’s comfortable good to drive and is just as at home covering huge motorway miles as it is on the

school run but this second-generation model is a few years old now so it’s had a little bit of an engine refresh before we see a facelifted model in the future

we like the q7 just as it was so have these new changes made it any better or a bit worse well keep watching to find out and if you want to buy a q7 or any

2019 Audi Q7 review

other new car don’t forget to head to work or calm to see how much money you could save there are 2 3 litre v6 diesel engines to choose from the lesser

powered of the 2 is badged 45 TDI and gets 228 brake horsepower it offers smooth and guts the acceleration but for not much more money you can get the 50

TDI that gets 278 brake horsepower and it feels much punchy especially from low revs acceleration builds nicely from 1500 rpm and actually it just makes the

q7 feel more effortless when you’re driving briskly both engines get an 8-speed automatic gearbox as standard it’s been tuned to maximize emission

savings so that can mean that it feels a bit reluctant to shift down that can be a bit of a pain when you’re going to overtake but you do get paddle shifters

as standard on the steering wheel so if you use them the shifts do feel a bit swifter the standard suspension is a bit firm around town but a higher speeds

only really jars over particularly sharp jobs we would though still recommend going for the optional air suspensio now that comes as standard on s line but

it’s an option on sport and if you go for it then it completely transforms the q7 into not only the best riding car in its class but one of the best riding

cars in any class for any price black edition and four sprung trims also come with sports air suspension as standard this lowers the ride height by 15

millimetres so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it doesn’t deliver as comfortable a ride as the regular air suspension but it is still supple

compared to rivals like the BMW x5 there’s plenty of grip and the four wheel drive system offers lots of traction on greasy roads but compared to sporty

arrivals like the Porsche Cayenne the q7 isn’t particularly entertaining to drive quickly the suspension allows a bit more body lean through corners but it is

still much more agile than a Land Rover Discovery it’s incredibly refined as well so you only hear the engines on the very hard acceleration and even then

they’re much more smoother and pleasant sounding than any of the engines in the q7 s rivals there’s also precious little Road wind and suspension noise you used to be able

to get a plug-in hybrid q7 e-tron and a performance focused s q7 they have both off sale now and while nothing is confirmed the most likely scenario is

that you’ll have to wait for the upcoming facelift for those options to become available again all q7 s get a fully electrically adjustable driver

seat as standard and the steering wheel seat and the pedals are all very nicel aligned so it’s really easy to get a comfortable natural driving position and

being an SUV you sit quite high naturally anyway and on top of that you get a brilliant view all-round with front and rear parking sensors are

standard along with a reversing camera the other thing you get as standard on all q7 is outtie brilliant virtual cockpit now what that does is

essentially swap the analog instrument dials for this 12 point 3 inch fully configurable digital driver display and it shows things like sat-nav maps phone

menus audio menus and driver information the build quality in the q7 is as good as anything that you’ll find in the class so the whole world of the

Interior and the dashboard is covered in these really nice soft touch materials and all the switches feel properly robust as well all q7s get-out ease MMI

infotainment system as standard now you’ll notice it’s not actually Howdy’s latest dual touchscreen infotainment system that its newest models get but

that’s no bad thing because this 8.3 inch screen is controlled using a rotary dial down here a trackpad and some actual physical shortcut buttons so it’s

actually much simpler to use on the move in fact in the class it’s second only to BMWs iDrive for ease of use even those well over six feet tall will find the q7

interior especially rooming there’s loads of Headroom and legroom as well it’s a really wide interior and there are helpful storage

compartments dotted around as well to help its practicality in the back of the q7 you get a few more centimetres legroom than you do in a bmw x5 and Land

Rover Discovery and it virtually matches the Volvo xc90 as well three tall adults will be especially comfortable in the back here and all three seats are

individually sliding and reclining as well all q7s gets seven seats are standard and what’s especially impressive is that it’s only very tall

adults who’ll find it a bit of a squeeze in the two rear most seats but if you’re under six foot you’ll still have plenty of room back there but if you do carry

around seven tall people regularly then a Land Rover Discovery will be a better bet with the rear most seats in place there’s still room for a couple of

medium sized suitcases in the boot of the q7 and on some models there’s some underfloor storage as well with the rear most seats down the boot is absolutely

massive and if you want even more room the middle row can be flattened as well to make it a proper load lager it’s also good that all models get an electrically

powered tailgate as standard the Audi q7 is priced slightly above the Volvo xc90 but it’s still considerably cheaper than rivals like the Range Rover Sport and

Land Rover Discovery it’s still an expensive car but there should be plenty of discounts available so all the more reason to go to what car comm and look

at the new car buying section resale values should be very good for the q7 as well compared to all of its rivals for company car users co2 emissions are

pretty high so compared to a Volvo xc90 the q7 will cost a bit more to run but not that much more equipment wise Sport models get the infotainment system and

Audi’s virtual cockpit but we think it’s worth going for S line to get that ultra comfy adaptive air suspension Black Edition and four sprung models get more

luxuries and more stylish bodywork but the price is bumped up massively so we’d stick with s line already has a fairly average reliability record but all q7

has come with a three year 60,000 mile warranty as for safety you get autonomous emergency braking as standard and the q7 recorded the full

5-star safety rating from Euro endcap so this mild facelift absolutely does not detract from the Audi q7 brilliant offering it remains one of the very best

SUVs that you can buy with whisper-quiet driving manners a beautifully comfortable ride and a very high quality interior to read our full extended review of the Audi q7 and all of its key rivals head to work on and don’t forget

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