2019 Hyundai Ioniq review

2019 Hyundai Ioniq review you know those clever pieces of flat-pack furniture that you can buy and then reform into something else well this high-end die has a lot in

common with that philosophy because really it’s three cars in one you can buy it as a hybrid which has a petrol engine teamed with an electric motor or

you can buy it as a plug-in hybrid which has a greater electric driving range or you can buy it as an all-out electric car all that means that ionic rivals

2019 Hyundai Ioniq review

everything from the Toyota Prius to pure electric cars including the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf so is it better than any of them in this review will tell you

what it’s like to drive how spacious it is inside and ultimately whether we think you should buy one and if at the end you’re tempted to buy one don’t

forget we can help save you thousands on your next new car head check out our new car deal section for now though let’s see how this

Hyundai fares on UK roads of the three versions of ionic you can buy it’s the regular hybrid we recommend because the 1.6 liter petrol engine

teamed with the electric motor works so well together you get the six-speed automatic gearbox is standard offers really low co2 emissions and decent

real-world fuel economy without you having to work hard to achieve it performance in the hybrid is pretty good it’s certainly faster than Toyotas Prius

but not as quick as Volkswagens golf GTE if you’re driving the ioniq around town it starts out on electric power helpin you to get a swift getaway and if it’s

the all-electric vehicle you’re driving then you get an instant surge of acceleration to get you started but then after 50 miles per hour it does feel a

little pedestrian like not surprisingly the ionic is best suited to urban roads where the light steering lets you thread in between traffic easily however and

the same can’t be said for all hybrids the ionic is also comfortable on faster roads the steering stays light unless you pop it into sports mode it gives it

a little bit of extra weight and the steering is precise and allows you to place the car easily the ride is a little firmer than what you’d find in a

Toyota Prius but it’s never uncomfortable go for the plug-in hybrid or electric versions of the ioniq though and the extra weight of their batteries

makes the ionic feel noticeably heavier through the corners wind and road noise is kept to a minimum in all modelsthough this interior might look a bit

conservative but high-end I has done a good job of making sure everything you touch feels solid and there’s plenty of soft touch materials on the upper part

of this – is also well laid out and it feels smarter and easier to use than a Toyota Prius you should be able to find a comfortable driving position because

there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and also the steering wheel and forward visibility is excellent but as is often the case looking over your shoulder

visibility is not so good however all models get reversing parking sensors an camera as standard go for the entry-level SE ioniq and you get a five

inch touchscreen step up to the premium and you get this eight-inch touchscreen that we’ve got here it has built-in sat-nav the menus are responsive and is

easy to work through it also has Android auto and apple carplay so you can use many of your smartphone’s functions while on the move

even if you’re sitting side-by-side with a tall person in the front of the ioniq you will find there is plenty of room space is on a par with a Toyota Prius

and there’s little places for your odds and sods two cupholders a space here and a decent sized glovebox climb into the rear and although legroom is decent most tall people will find

their head is scraping along this sloping roofline the ionics boot is considerably bigger than a Prius on paper but it is very shallow and you’ll have to load items

over this heavy load lip which okay effortless with a yoga mat but a heavy bag and it is quite a strain it does however accommodate a pram and if you’d

like to have more space than you just fold down these rear see which version of the ioniq you should buy very much depends on what you’ll be using it for

the electric only version is expensive to buy but if it’s 130 mile range fits in with your lifestyle it could pay for itself over time thanks to its low

running costs the regular hybrid version we’ve got here is the biggest seller for a reason and it’s priced below many rivals including the Toyota Prius and if

you’re a company car driver you’ll be very impressed with its low co2 emissions if your daily commute is less than 31 miles consider the plug-in

hybrid – entry-level se models get 15 inch alloy wheels rear parking sensors bluetooth connectivity automatic emergency braking and climate control

we’d spend a little more on premium model though which gets you keyless start a large infotainment screen with sat-nav heated front seats and

smartphone mirroring hyundai standard seven year warranty only sweetens the do the ioniq is a very credible alternative to the Toyota Prius with its low running

cost and decent driving style if you’re looking for a car with low running costs it’s also kind to the environment it should definitely be on your short list for plenty more on the high

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