2019 Mercedes A Class review

2019 Mercedes A Class review join me inside the brand-new Mercedes a-class and the reason we’re starting in here is because this is where some of the biggest changes have taken place now

the interior of the old a-class wasn’t bad by any means but this well I mean just look at it it looks like it belongs in a luxury saloon and that’s probably

because design wise at least is very similar to what you’ll find in the latest eClass and it some respects even the flagship s-class I mean you’ve got

2019 Mercedes A Class review

these jet style air vents lots of piano black plastic leather and wood and this huge screen that stretches across more than half the dashboard the bit behind

the steering wheel shows the instruments like the speedo and the rev counter and the pot in the middle of the dash is for the infotainment and the infotainment

system itself is completely new and has some of the most advanced tech in the class including a Series stole personal assistant and what Mercedes calls an

augmented reality display however it is worth pointing out that this is a high spec model with quite a few options at it so don’t expect your e-class to be

quite so special inside if you go for bog-standard entry level se trim now they clearly wasn’t much wrong with the looks of the old a-class because Mercedes sold a

third of a million of them in the UK alone but this liner’s have still done quite a lot of work if you see these headlights for example this smaller and

they’re lower down and that gives the car a bigger more grown-up look now if you come around to the back here you’l notice that much the same effect has

been achieved by placing me quite bulbous lights on the old car with a sleeker broader lenses the new a-class is based on the same basic platform as

the old car but it’s slightly longer that’s some good things for practicality these door openings for example are wider and that means it’s easier to get

in without bumping your head and once you’re inside you’ll find more shoulder room and more Headroom so some of my size around 6 foot feels quite a lot

less hemmed in there’s more space for your luggage as well although still not quite as much as you’ll find in the back of an Audi a3 Sportback and it’s lip

here and the entrance does get in the way a bit when you’re lifting things in and out now it’s fair to say that we weren’t the biggest fans of the all day class and

one of the main reasons for that was it’s uncomfortable right but it’s something Mercedes has worked very hard on with this new model the extra length

means there’s a bit more space between the front and the rear wheels for example but I should in theory give a more settled ride and the suspension has

also been thoroughly revised has it worked well quite often when we come and launches abroad we moan that the roads are too smooth to give a real impression

of how comfortable the car is likely to be when we get it back in the UK but actually out here in Croatia they’re just as bad as they are back home and

that means we can confidently say this car rides much more smoothly than th old a-class is it a VW Golf not quite it’s a little less settle at low speed

for example but it doesn’t crash anywhere near as much over potholes and when you get some speeding the car on the motorway for example it’s actually

really quite smooth right now I’m driving what will be for the time being at least the entry level petrol model be a two hundred and performance-wise

there’s nothing to complain about at all it’s let me punch Ian off at low revs and actually if you let it rev out it’s really quite nippy it is a little bit boomy though when you

do so and in that respect the 180 diesel model that we drove earlier is actually slightly better it’s quieter it’s a bit smoother it’s pretty good to drive in

other respects as well now there are sporty versions than the model I’m driving here like the a 250 for example but even this it’s fairly softly sprung

but the steering bills weight very naturally as you turn into corners there isn’t too much body lean there’s plenty of grip as well so you know you’re

really not going to complain on handling from now another thing to say this has worked really hard on with the new a-class is refinement and by that I mean

how much noise and vibration you feel when you’re driving the car along the road and in many respects it is paid off as well there is still a little bit of

road noise but wind noise is much better by as much as 30% Mercedes claims and that’s thanks to new windscreen pillar new door mirrors new door seals and new

boo seals when you’re going on the motorway Vernet sort of 70 miles an hour you can hear very little at all there’s no doubt the new a-class is a much

better car than the model it replaces it’s better to drive it’s more practical but it’s the interior that really makes it look and properly premium and that’s a good thing

because for the time being at least prices start at just under twenty six thousand pounds for the entry-level one eighty diesel rising to just over thirty

thousand pounds for the Golf GTI rivaling a 250 petrol but cheaper engines are on the way and the Mercedes a-class does make a lot of sense if

you’re buying on PCP finance or if your company car driver.

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