2019 Mercedes C Class C180 AMG

Hello guys welcome to Mervyn’s King it has been four years now and here it is the new C Class facelift and as you guys know the score this video I will show you the Xavier

the interviewer and of course the difference so what is actually changed you can already see it here in the front of its first I will show you the key because it’s the new design for Mercedes-Benz matte black and metal design and I also got my keys right here so you can see in slice it’s not that much of a difference the quality is also comparable it’s only the looks has really changed so I will first start with the front of the car it has the new Milton beam LED headlights and it says 84 on it so it actually has a T4 LED headlight and I will just move the car to show you how does all the lights to illuminate

because it’s gorgeous amazing and over-the-top it also has those little points. It has one stripe and that’s with the Sickness two spies for the excess and three stripes for the aeschylus so in the front you can also see that it has the diamond Grill and one horizontal line and that come standard for the C-Class nowadays the preface of pets 2 lines just like mine is also has the best when it has something to say the store is closed but on top of that it still has a 3D Mercedes Princeton testaplex. Mercedes diamond white color and the knife I could show it has the black outside mirrors and blacked out bumper knit furthermore you can see that this one has the AMG package so it has the large elegant AMG bumper with also on the air intake and it’s actually very practical because the air blows through it and goes around the core for everything

Amex if you know go over to the side of the car you can really see that the front just goes beautiful into the site especially with this new air intake and as I mentioned this is the AMG model I mean the AMG line so it has the new bumpers and side bumper and also the AMG rims so if you get the AMG line in Germany in Holland or in Europe then you get these rims a standard it is a little bit thicker on the side black 5 spoke rims and tire size is 225 45 18 in and they are gorgeous just look at the car on the side you can’t really see that much of a difference rather free face of mother it’s actually still

has the Lions the opaline and then going down here that you connect beautiful in the rear end for the eclipse you could see that these lines go straight over the line of the car because the difference for the preface of mother before we go to the rear of the car and I will just show you more so the difference isn’t really noticeable but that’s one use difference and that’s

the new tail lights you can already see you today it’ll bit the line goes from here and it’s goes best with it doesn’t connect with the start

so I will just try again thing you can see how this light illuminates and you can really see that this is a beautiful technology new designs tail light it’s gorgeous I really like it the prefix if Mother also have about the same size of there until night but I don’t know if it’s actually know it’s still the same I do like the tail lights that are a little bit more horizontal and just more stress over there but the new one is also very gorgeous this is the sea 180 the petrol Engine with 156 horsepower and they’re also a new line of engines with I will also show you the dates one in the video some more noticeable

things or hear about this all so different it’s more elegant the exhaust system is the same station you only get to the design exhaust and there’s just one or two pipes at one side of the car so yes it’s a gorgeous we’re especially with this new till lights so let’s have a look at the interior gorgeous so guys as you can see the interior is just lovely it’s also very diffuse home to me I’m used to this design of the sea glass test still has the beautiful center console with a 3 errands but it now has new technology and new very fancy steering wheel as a larger entertainment system so it doesn’t have the keyless entry this specific model but it does have the killers go so I would just put my key there is a couple or you can leave it also in your pocket and then it says

this button with you send a message to Eagles so I will just press the button for the electronics to work until we can see Mercedes-Benz Celexa flu have the new steering wheel does gorgeous beautiful Mercedes store in the middle a flexible AMG line steering wheel does these new buttons on the side how to control the infotainment system in front of you and on the right also the same buttons with the touchpad to control the infotainment system in the center you can already see the this is Ray larger than the prefix dif Moto it’s a wider and this is straight from the a class it is 11.2 in and the screen in front of us is from

the eclipse so it is actually a dual screen but still it is on the top of the of the dash you still have these Chrome elements around it gives a little bit of a sport to Fini Lake Milton then you can just wipe those navigation radio media telephone and design Schaefer press this one I can change it into score classic

Progressive and you can see it changes very fast especially compared to the E-class and S-class Africa this way you can also control I was just press the home button linear please. Shins navigation radio video telephone in corner of a Sony internet connectivity you can also use this touch right in the center and the stroller and that’s one is of course way more practical than the one on the steering steering wheel there are 64 different colors that you can choose from you have been blue there’s green yellow a little bit of whitish more thicker colors like blue Bank of forest the more you have the engine data go see how much he loved us are using so convert 2 converted to horsepower and Newton meters of torque so let me just start the engine and we can listen to the song of the sea

180 bedroom And if you can hear this is the sea 180 and it has an amazing sound if I press the  button David 360° camera will be activated so this is a pre-owned or 60° camera actually is. So you can also see the the quality is just amazing the phone’s camera side cameras I do have a decent amount of space for the legroom and the interior is just amazing how it looks with a new steering wheel C Class facelift if you want to see a video of this car then just wait for it over and I’ll see you soon China Wok

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