2019 Mercedes CLS 53 AMG

2019 Mercedes CLS 53 AMG

AMG CLS 53 this is already the third generation of the CNS Motors does a gorgeous Hyacinth volt exterior metallic color so this 53 is very provocative especially with luxurious presents as well as in the interior of this video I will show you the complete exterior interior and he will take it for a night Drive Hilton Parsippany so I felt the key white hair

this is the new Mercedes-Benz design with a black glossy material as well as metal how they brighten and illuminate in this gorgeous wife core I especially like the options of this car it has a lot and the total value is said to 150,000 euros it has the nice package so you have these AMG front bumpers in a blacked out

Kohler and two horizontal lines with the AMG emblem we also saw this from the previous 63 AMG models now the 53 AMG is have the vertical panamericana Grille like the GLE 53 so let’s have a look at what’s under the hood of the CLS 53 AMG it has a free in line 6 cylinder engine you can see the ceilings over there with the AMG cover so this cls53 produces 450 horsepower and 556 torque it is accompanied with a 48 volt electric motor the top speed is 270 km an hour because this CLS 53 has the AMG performance package from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 4.5 seconds so

you will take a quick spin around the car before we take this for a nice right here in the city I was just in the car again for you to see the lights hear from the site this gorgeous it has the new design with not too many lines here on the side but it has this AMG side skirt and gorgeous lights is the V shape on the ground the turbo 4matic plus emblem here on the side and let’s pay some attention to these beautiful rims these are the AMG v twin spoke light alloy wheels will painted in black with a high Sheen finished a really like the shaved here with the Curves in the center and the Mercedes story and it also has the Gap in the front bumper for aerodynamics and bcls is based on the E-class platform with it has the S-Class luxury the total length is more than five meters so now let’s have a look at the rear

2019 Mercedes CLS 53 AMG
2019 Mercedes CLS 53 AMG

2019 mercedes benz cls 53 amg specs

of the car which is the most stunning part in my opinion I had to get you some of this new design two lights but now with this spoiler for the CLS 53 and the courts will exhaust tips is really looks pretty aggressive because the AMG emblem right here and he see it as 53 emblem on the other side M4 spoiler in the vehicle exterior color is a bold statement for Superior performance really aggressive diffuser in the center which connects fully to these large exhaust tips and for these 53 motor we know that they are very worried around to 9 cm so let’s start

the car and it will take it for a drive so let’s get inside because the keyless entry so the AMG emblem down

here I was just press the button for the electronics work Harris s AMG and the gorgeous to digital screen both are anxious so let’s start the engine intro listen to the song MUSC records

so let’s see how it accelerates amazing and as you can see that has lights automatically brighten I should drive in a higher speed so now we are driving at the city center in night perfect opportunity to have a look at the ambient Lighting in the interior let me just press the like button and who can see a gorgeous bright center console as well as door trim and the amazing AMG steering wheel with a flat bottom and two vertical lines I was just press the touch base on the left side of the steering wheel and swipe to the right two stills let’s go to Kinzua classic still in the corner of mouth has a lot of power I really like these turbines till Evans four of them here in the center console and one on each side very high so it actually feels like you’re laying down in this interior it also has an AMG

mode where you can see the Boost G-Force left time and more so let’s do a 02 something so that’s open the sunroof admission so guys thanks for watching Birds been scaring I hope she like this video with all new Mercedes CLS 53 AMG and then we’ll see you 

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