2019 Skoda Superb Estate review

2019 Skoda Superb Estate review so you need a spacious new car but you don’t want an SUV where do you turn when the state car could be the answer and in terms of outright space few cars match

the Skoda Superb the superb the state is skilled as the biggest car aside from its seven seat kodiak and it faces some stiff competition from mainstream rivals

including the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat and more premium contenders coming from BMWs 3-series and Mercedes c-class so will the superb turn out to

2019 Skoda Superb Estate review

be well superb in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive how comfy and spacious it is inside and how easy it is to live with and if at the end of

this review you’re tempted to buy one don’t forget we can help save you lots of money on your next car go to the new car deals section at watcard calm but

first let’s go for a drive there’s a wide choice of engines including on 1.4 and 2 litre petrol and for buyers doing higher mileage there’s

a 1.6 liter 118 brake horsepower diesel but that can feel a little lackluster when the car is fully loaded so we recommend the 148 brake horsepower

2-liter diesel which feels gutsy and won’t hurt your wallet thanks to low co2 emissions stick with standard suspension and smaller alloy wheels and you’re

scared of superb will feel very comfortable whether you’re driving around town out on the country roads or on the motorway whichever setup you

choose best to avoid the 19 inch alloy wheels because they can make the ride rather fidgety if you go for a rang topping Lauren and comment version then

you’ll get adaptive suspension as standard though it’s optional elsewhere in the range it allows you to choose between different setups and in comfort

mode at least allows the superb to waft along the road sport tightens everything up but then you feel more of the roads imperfections the steering is precise

and the brakes are strong but a Ford Mondeo is more exciting to drive you’ll find it a doddle to get comfortable in the skirt a superb the

wide front seats are height adjustable and if you go for mid-range SE and above there’s also lumber adjustment and although the steering wheel adjusts for

reach and break some drivers will find that the top of the steering will obstructs the instruments there are no issues with forward visibility so the

superb is easy to maneuver the view behind is good too the only real issue is the sheer size of the car while the superb doesn’t live up to the likes of

the Audi a4 or BMW 3-series in terms of overall interior ambience for the price you can’t really criticize there’s plenty of soft touch materials and

there’s only really hard stuff low down entry level S models come with a 6.5 inch touchscreen infotainment system this grows to 9.2 inches when you move

up to at least SE trim that also gets you apple carplay and android auto while SE technology cars also get sat-nav and range-topping SEL a Wi-Fi hotspot the

touch screen is pretty easy to use on the move but a rotary controllers suc as you’ll find in the BMW 3-series or Audi a4 would make it less distracting

there’s a lot more space inside the superba state than a BMW 3-series touring or Audi a4 Avant in fact if you get into the back seats you’d be

forgiven for thinking you’d stepped inside a luxury limousine there’s lots of room even if you’re 6 foot tall plus it’s very well equipped there’s an

air-conditioned glove box spacious storage here large door bins and inside the doors there’s umbrellas then there’s a superb highlight it’s print it is absolutely

cavernous and can easily swallow suitcases shopping prams pets the only downside is that you have to pay extra for variable boots floor which gets rid

of the step when you fold down the rear seats on a plus point though there are lots of extra touches for example we’ve got some netting here some securing

hooks even a torch if you’re paying for the superb estate with cash is keen list prices mean you’ll be paying less than you would most of its rivals plus it has

impressive fuel economy and there’s competitive finance deals even entry-level s models come with air conditioning a da B radio and Bluetooth

connectivity but we reckon stepping up to se trim which brings you jewel zone climate control rear parking sensors and adaptive cruise control every superb

comes with 7 airbags and automatic emergency braking so it’s no surprise it’s good the full 5 stars in the Euro endcap crash tests overall the superb

estate is a terrific family car that more than lives up to its name it’s classy comfortable well priced and incredibly spacious for plenty more on the Skoda Superb

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