2019 Tesla Model X Reader review

2019 Tesla Model X Reader review we’re here for a reader testing with the Tesla Model X the first electric SUV to go on sale in the UK it costs from eighty thousand four hundred pounds for

the base level 75 D model and the range is up to three hundred and fifty one miles for the top spec one hundred D model so let’s see what the readers think

2019 Tesla Model X Reader review

it’s a good-looking car it’s not very inspirational it’s very American we noticed people glancing at Arthur it looks very distinguished and very

different even when we got down to a parking lot we open these umbrella windows and people were simply stopping having a look and we could you could see

people mouth wow what is that and people pointing and that makes that make feels like something special as opposed to just something new on the market

I see wonders of slicing that means that again it decreases your potential for a load now you’ve got a full family vehicle with safe suitcases because you

were going on holiday I think you’d have a problem the big bonus with having electric car you’ve got a front boot as well kind of thing so the storage on

both sides and what I particularly like in turn to flats and seats being flat so there’s no issues with kind of a and laying any luggage in the back thing I

did think that the available food space was very small and if you put if you have got it as a seven-seater the boot really is tiny I think once the

rear seats are folded down it did become a more practical space and if you had the boot liner then it gave a mor finished boost well if you don’t have

the boot liner you have got things sliding over the edge and into the body as a car it’s a minimalistic look here so for people who will say like the Apple

products and that the bones kind of high fly system they’d love the interior and it’s clearly a premium product nice quality materials everywhere nice soft

touches it’s not that inspired inside I mean the electrical part is great and that’s very different but I think as far as glove compartment sort of cup holders

Ning it’s fairly run-of-the-mill really on with that I prefer perhaps some more buttons I think sometimes having everything electronic I think

there’s only one button that you can press but everything else is on the screen so be interesting to see how that pans out at night side and they’re held

sort of reflections and things like whether that’s sort of can be a bit much distraction I thought would be really distracting initially

you know having a kind of a big iPad you know in front of you but you don’t really notice it and you just basically enjoy the ride and view and all this

kind of things you can see the windscreen wiper didn’t bring to be everything’s hidden and actually it seems very easy to work I think it’s

like all technology it just takes a little bit of getting used to but I think it looks good I was trying to adjust the rear view mirror and then realized that the

central seat was actually cutting off that that vision and then I was advise over to go onto the rear camera so I think yes it’s probably not an ideal

scenario I think because if the cameras stopped working it was dirty I don’t know whether that in rain it the image sort of dilutes slightly but personally

I would rather have a dollar to view but I think that’s that that’s more the design of the rear sink attic splitter would have problem singing in the bank

and but otherwise for kids in here for all the adults is be perfectly fine be quite it having full seats in the rear I think you would be only hunting smaller

adult passages in the back I don’t think that a an average or foolish person would be very comfortable i sat behind the driver as a passenger and I found it

the visibility quite restrict you looking forward so though you had a very nice panoramic type glass above you looking forward it was it was quite

restricted as far as visibility is concerned so the reason I’m not a big fan of SUVs is because of a high driving exclusion whereas what I like a lot more than X

when I drove it is that it’s relatively low it feels very much car like so I kind of was expecting or anticipated that is going to be like driving an

appliance which something that does the job but doesn’t make you smile and look forward to the call for a drive-in and I was wrong the torque is is unbelievably

I’ve read a lot about it but you have to experience it to really understand what people are saying when you look at videos and read about it also you really

quiet it’s very eerie to be on this far and it’s a really enjoyable exciting experience the main benefit is is the fact that there’s an instant power you

know when you’re accelerating it there’s no delay it’s it’s just the full power is delivered immediately to the talk side of the engine just throws you sort

of down the road I think Drive it was fantastic it was a really really lovely Drive the core does Drive nicely even even though it’s an SUV love weighs two

and a half ton and I love the fact that it gets up software and Technology gets a bit over-the-air free of charge you always have the latest version whereas again with a

traditional car you buy a car today and if they make a revision in two years time well you have last year is gone I’m sorry the break inside was quite

interested initially the regenerative braking I live in West London so you know quite close to the airport so there’s quite a few charging points

nearby having cold going further afield I’ve been told as a number of service stations and things I lack so shouldn’t be a problem car taking control of

steering on the brakes and always monitoring and doing itself you so comfortable that’s fantastic I can’t wait I mean I’m sure that when I

get much much older that will be the way forward and it will be nice and harmful for older people I think probably just styling needs a bit of a rethink and I don’t think it

takes the capacity that they’re hoping it will even if you’ve got really five people in I think if you’re struggling with five people in their luggage as far

as what I would change I think the quality perhaps is not representative of a cart that sort of price point so it appears that the

leather that a lot of these cars have I think they’re probably premium specs to the they’re extra I think it’s quite a few thousand pounds I think if I was

paying that sort of money I would expect those sort of things as a as a standard rather than I understand is the price of technology get them but yes so probably

that neat little bit will work on the on the quality interior really I’m an apple pen so I’ve got a I phones and things like that those cue to upgrade to

support apple carplay will be great I said the other thing is I getting realized and that the supercharger network was going to be priced so for

such a premium product I think it would be good to have that a degree I don’t as a rating for the car I would give it 4 4 out of 5 I’m guessing 5 down and yeah for one 1/2 really easily

yeah I think I’d probably give it a 3 out of 5 why’s that I think that technology is amazing I think does it actually is it really a

true SUV I’m not totally convinced I think you might be better off to something like them Land Rover or Volvo if you actually want the capacity but

it’s green credentials are amazing so that’s definitely answer some questions about whether electric

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