2019 Volkswagen Golf review

2019 Volkswagen Golf review the Volkswagen Golf has been on sale since 1974 and over 33 million have been sold why is it so popular because is a great all-rounder and offers everything

that most people will ever need from a car but it is up against some stiff competition these days from the likes of the Skoda Octavia and Audi a3 so should

you still buy a golf well in this review we will answer that question starting with how well it handles on UK roads and if you’re thinking about buying a

2019 Volkswagen Golf review

Volkswagen Golf and you don’t want to haggle go to our new car deals section of what cart calm where we can help save you some money during three of the Gulf’s entire engine

range would take a long time so here for highlights you can go for a 1 litre 1.4 1.5 continuing to petrol then there’s one point six and two

Diesel’s as well as a plug-in hybrid and even a full electric our favorite though is the 1.4 liter petrol in this car we’ve got the 1 litre petrol which is

actually quite nippy thanks to its turbocharger although when you put your foot down it’s not the best sounding engine and luckily the other engines in

the range are nicely hushed the Gulf rides over lumps and bumps in the road better than most cars in this class although lower powered versions are

fitted with less sophisticated suspension which does take the edge off its overall comfort although never to the point of being uncomfortable this is

a car which inspires real driver confidence there’s very little body lean in the corners and plenty of gri meaning you can drive on country B roads

at a pharoah pace without the car feeling unstable there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering world so people of all shapes and sizes

should be able to find a comfortable driving position if you’d like adjustable lumbar support don’t go for the entry S model you’ll have to go for

SE and above however all models do get this center armrest although for me it’s probably a little bit too far away visibility is excellent and if you’d

like any help with parking then again se gets you parking sensors front and rear or you can spec them on the S trim level model you can also get reversing camera

and autonomous parking is on the options list the Gulf’s touchscreen is responsive and the menus are easy to figure out plus you get these buttons down the side

which are also touchscreen and they give you access to the most popular features it’s not quite as intuitive as the BMW 1-series or Audi a3 s rotary dial system

however the Volkswagen touchscreen is one of the best offerings around even if it can be a little difficult to hit the correct icon when on the move if you go

for SE trim level or above you get apple carplay and mirror link which allows you to use your smartphones apps via the screen which means you don’t need to pay

extra to have built-in sat-nav however if you would like the in-car sat-nav then go for se navigation or opt for the discover navigation Pro System which

gets you a nine point two inch touchscreen with gesture controls no only has the Volkswagen Golf got masses of leg and Headroom up front fizzles and

tons of storage decent-sized door bins two cupholders here another storage space and underneath the armrest you’ve guessed it more storage space when sunglasses

it’s a similar story here in the fact with plenty of rooms that all adults in fact with your six foot you can sit behind someone who is equally as tall

and have enough legroom however add a third passenger and that’s when things start to get cramped so if space really is something that you’re looking for

back here we’re not sorry or instead there’s plenty of room in the Gulf speech for a couple of large suitcases or a weekly shop and most models come

with this false floor which means you can have two separate compartments reduce the load lip and you can move it down like that to pay a little bit more

space and if you need even more room you can drop the rear seats the cheapest s trim level is a little bit stingy so we’d go for at least an SC

which adds automatic headlights and wipers smartphone connectivity and adaptive cruise control take it one step further and go for the SD navigation

which adds sat-nav whichever model of Kolff you choose it should be affordable to live with especially if you go for the one litre which is that return 50

miles per gallon in our real-world mpg test if you’re buying a Volkswagen Golf will also benefit from its strong resale value it costs about the same to buy as

a Vauxhall Astra or Ford Focus but it’s better equipped and will be worth more when it’s time to sell on thanks to its breadth of talents the Volkswagen Golf

remains one of the best family cars around it’s competitively priced practical and good to drive now remember if you’re thinking of buying a Volkswagen Golf.

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