2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review Part 2

With a big Focus for this generation of Jetta what do you get the 6-speed manual or the 8-speed automatic transmission all versions of the Jetta with the 1.4 will get 34 miles per gallon to buy a real world driving.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta

This vehicle absolutely blows those EPA numbers out of the water and a simply be most efficient non hybrid entry into segments that. There is a little bit of a rough of course that.

Is the fact that even the top and trim dust get those 205 with tires that does affect overall handling you’ll definitely see the difference.

When you can try this to top entrance of the Honda Civic and gets much wider tires that does drop its overall fuel economy score down a little bit We’re down a little bit 8 out of 10 point these receipts that you can find in most of the trims it is a manual design without adjustable lumbar support I really do wish we found power but you only find in the very top and trim of the Jetta.

We do have a tilt telescopic steering column with a large range of motion and a very similar range of motion over here on the passenger seat because it’s manual as well pumping into the back seat I’m going to give this 10 out of 10 points because we fight simply find more room in here then.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review

We find in any other compact than except for the Honda Civic several inches more than you’ll find in. 

The ionic the Elantra Etc or even the new 2020 Corolla easily adjusted for me at 6 to eat all of leg pressing the net even though.

We do have a fairly swoopy route wine here I can actually sit up right back here and my hair is barely brushing feeling.

I only have about a quarter left but that is significantly more than we thought just about any other compact sedan out there so if you’re looking for an option in this category that has more room in the backseat this is definitely going to be the one for you if I move over to the middle seat the Headroom does drop down a little bit. But if I go over to the right in this front seat is all the way back and it’s Trackside a six-foot-five person sitting there very comfortably have about half an inch of legroom left there and again.

I can still sit very up right back here and very comfortably vagina has also increased over time do I have to have a fairly wide and comfortable armrest back here for the fashion to get to do that from.

The Trump when it comes to overall cargo capacity obviously a lift back like a Prius or an ionic are going to beat what we find in the Jetta but it 14.1 cubic feet this is among the largest segment is also among the most practically shape because it is very very tall right. 

Like that and we’ll actually close this means you could line up about four of these 22 inch rollbacks right there across the back of the truck stick the large or luggage weight on him. Because his truck is pretty deep see how deep it is right back there and it’s a lot more luggage than something like a Corolla or Civic even though overall trunk Dimensions. 

Don’t appear too far off this is the same sort of thing that we see in the Nissan Sentra for the mid the truck a little bit taller to accommodate some of those larger bags more easily so even though this vehicle does not score any extra 24 inch roller bag has the largest truck in the overall practicality I would actually say is better as we look around the interior keep in mind that we are in the SEL not be SEL premium version of the jet has there are a few extra things you’ll find in that model however we do have a pretty large moonroof it’s not a panoramic stop it does go a little bit past the b-pillar there in the vehicle still a little bit larger than normal.

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