2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review Part 3

The driver and front pasture get height adjustable shoulder belt and two adjustable headrest there’s a little button right there on the side of the head rest to adjust it and then our mom has the v-tex leatherette upholstery such as imitation leather you’ll actually find most of the trims of Jenna will have this particular interior upholstery you will find real leather if you get the top-end SEL premium version.

That’s really the only one you’ll find it in moving over to the front door and find a mixture of hard and soft has Plastics with a soft-touch upper section the door soft touches earth right there in the middle and a soft arm rest.

The rest of the Plastics are hard especially down there around the speaker Grill & the bottle holder at the bottom of the door that’s pretty standard in this segment we just an extra texture is going on there as you can see at the bottom of that storage cubby and then the trim in this cabin is I sort of an imitation metal look I’m not sure whether.

This supposed to be brushed metal or sort of a very light lacquered wood either way it’s relatively attractive compared to what we see in most of the alternatives as we seen most of Volkswagens cars there’s an awful lot of black going on in this cabin we do have a lighter colored headliner and a lighter fluid 8 billion to the speaker real right.

There in that a pillar but the bulk of this dashboard is black on black on black the glove box on the passenger side is one of the Ben varieties I was able to fit a large tablet computer in there and you can see up at the top of that area we actually.

Have the SD card for the mapping database and a single Spot Coffee to this place as neatly tucked away inside the glove compartment moving from the dashboard on over to the state of dance work and find more of that imitation trim whatever.

That is supposed to be we don’t have 1/8 inch color touch screen infotainment system a 6.5 if system is standard and its features.

Apple carplay and Android auto support this is the latest Volkswagen software version for a lot of really nice touches this is Miss very easy to use we have a pretty typical Bluetooth interface media interface this model has the up level sound systems with a few more options other than we would find in the face model and overall the system is definitely.

Very easy to use to the left of that we find Volkswagens excellent digital copy haven’t seen in vehicles as inexpensive at the Jetta before they will only find this in the SEL and SEL premium versions of the Jetta zoom out from there a little bit.

We find to air vents blow that infotainment system the dual-zone automatic climate control.

We find that in most versions of the Jetta a fairly large storage cubby right there single USB port for the interfacing with that system.

We have our engine start-stop button over here electric parking brake Auto start-stop enable disable button drive mode button this allowed to choose between things like.

Eco sport normal and a custom mode 12-volt power port any pretty traditional console shifter brightness all the way back like every toggle once back for sport mode to push over to the right for The Men Who control most of the way from the driver for uphold Sports the driver for gear down between the front seats with cup holders had no problem fitting bars take out drinks in there and a small cubby to the left of that freaking put pens or pencils the center armrest is softly Pat is covered in the same imitation leather as the seats themselves and then. Opens to reveal a different colored storage Cubbies actually matches the headliner in a vehicle and then we have a USB charge only Port right there at the back door not part of the temperature on the left and fuel level on the LED j-just everything else is being delivered by this full LCD in the middle there few different views that you can choose we can swap between these three different views of via a button over here on the steering.

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