2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review Part 4

Wheel the display is the figure below you can use this pagal right here on the steering wheel to choose.

What you see right there in the center of the display and then use the infotainment system to cycle through different options for the left side and the right side of the instrument through those options using at 8 to touch screen in the center of the dash is not quite as flashy as the displays that we find in modern Audi product. 

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review Part 4

This is unquestionably one of them will find in the mainstream segment moving out from there we have a three-spoke steering wheel with a slight flat bottom on it on the right side where the controls for controlling that multi-function LCD instrument we can talk about between the pages with this button right here the toggle among the options with this one voice command button.

 The View button this what changes between those major View mode within have track forward backward on the right and the volume up down on the left of the steering wheel along with the controls for the radar adaptive cruise control systems and a button to enable and disable.

Active safety systems on the car turbocharged engine 0 to 60 acceleration happens in 7.7 seconds that’s a little bit faster than most of the main line competition that does not have a turbocharged engine standard but definitely slower than the turbocharged Honda Civic 1.5 liter turbo and continuously variable transmission in the current generation.


Civic or really an excellent pairing for 0 to 60 acceleration all around performance it is you’re breaking test the Jetta took 123b stop from highway speeds back down to zero what’s put this right in the middle of the pack that’s to be expected because the tire size that we found on this model is pretty average for the overall compact segment.

Has a come to expect from the Jetta it definitely has a Germanic feel out on the road this pension is a little bit firmer than many of the competitors in this segment and the steering feel is definitely a little bit heavier and a little bit more practice something like a Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra but again supporting remember that the Jetta comes only in the standard flavor. 

With the 1.4 liter turbo that we’ve been driving this week and the Jetta GLI there aren’t different versions of this like we do see in some of the competitors for instance the Honda Civic Pacific is available in standard trim sport trims turbo non turbo trans Civic SI and of course the fire you’ll definitely noticed that the suspension is very middle of the road for the second it’s not as firm as some of those 40 Rancher ES like a Honda Civic SI but not as soft as something like.

The bass version of the Toyota Corolla does a really good job of straddling the fence when it comes to override an overall handling ability that’s why I’m giving both of these categories an A&R testing in our cabin noise test we measured at 50 miles an hour for a little bit louder than the quietest entries in the second it again Really excels is in overall fuel economy we have been getting over 36 miles per gallon during the week that was had this vehicle which is notably above us a great deal because very few of the compact dance in this category exceed.

Their EPA rating that fuel economy average put this above the turbo charged as in the Honda Civic which is longer the favourite here.

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