2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review Part 7

Is definitely impressive in the Volkswagen as well that’s something that. 

Has never really been Kia Forte next up we have one of our long-term favorites in the compact segment the Hyundai ioniq this is a compact sedan with a little bit of a Twist because the ionic is available only as a hybrid a plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle in the United States it’s not available as a standard.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Review

Compact vehicle like the Volkswagen Jetta is Bo Derek still competes very well here because Sunday is General design of the ionic gives. It excellent handling much better handling than we thought it would initially a lot of that has to do with the rear suspension design.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Reviews

We find in the ionic for some reason they gave it an independent rear suspension which is definitely different than the Hyundai Elantra in terms of overall Dynamics and overall feel especially on broken Pavements I prefer the way the ionic handles comparably equipped Elantra the same tires on your ionic I prefer the way the ionic drives us a practical and comfortable rear seat area we get a little bit more Headroom than in many of the Alternatives because of the overall shape and if you didn’t know what the ionic really is a lift back not a sedan and that gives us incredible car, practicality versus every other compact vehicle in this group you’ll find nearly double the cargo capacity in that Trunk vs. most of the entries in the compact than segment addition to having more practical inside the vehicle and he wouldn’t be able to do that in any of the sand competition fuel economy is also excellent in the ionic and that will largely compensate for the steeper price tag is going to be more expensive than especially.

The Bay Saint Therese of the competition but it comes well-equipped and bumping from 30 miles per gallon on up to 50 or 55 miles per gallon it’s definitely going to save you money on the downside the ionic is getting a refresh your very soon and that is Notre bionic doesn’t feel as fresh as the new Volkswagen Jetta and that’s.

Why the ionic is not going to be my top pick in the second I have to say that at the moment it’s the Volkswagen Jetta when it comes right down to it the fresher looks in the Jedi budget into the first place spot for me in the cop now have yet to drive the refreshed.

Honda Civic or the upcoming refresh of the Hyundai ioniq once I do that may change the math a little bit but anyway you slice it these three entries are going to be the best of the compact sedans in America has really well in the face in the top and trim I think the Honda Civic does well in the meat of this segment the ionic is an excellent option.

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