2019 Volvo XC40 Review

2019 Volvo XC40 Review when most car makers launched a range of SUVs they all tend to look roughly the same and if you were to place them in a line they look like a range of Russian dolls

Volvo though isn’t most car makers and that’s why despite being the smaller sibling to the xc90 and xc60 this new XC 40 very clearly has its own identity

2019 Volvo XC40 Review

it’s clever too borrowing a long list of driver aids and safety equipments from the larger cars that Volvo makes in fact Volvo says this is the safest small SUV

you can currently buy is the XC 40 as revolutionary as its maker claims then or is it just another contender in a crowded class which already includes

brilliant rivals such as the BMW x1 and Volkswagen Tiguan that’s what we’ll find out in this review including what it’s like to drive what it’s like inside and

how practical it is for you and your family and remember if at the end of this review you’re interested in buying a new car just go to what car comm click

on our new car deal section and see how much we can save you it could be thousands of pounds first so let’s take the sexy 40 out for a drive

there are three petrol and two diesel engines to choose from in the XC 40 and it’s 187 brake horsepower dee4diesel which would recommend this is a strong

engine at low revs and it can get you up to motorway speeds quickly although it can sound a bit crumbly at idle most versions of the XC 40 are front-wheel

drive but the d4 comes with standard four-wheel drive for added traction in tricky conditions now no matter whic version of the XD 4 so you go for you’ll

get this standard 8-speed automatic gearbox and it mostly does a good job of shifting you seamlessly through the gears but it can be a bit hesitant when

you wanted a quick burst of acceleration the XC forties ride though is in a different league compared with both of its rivals and remember that includes

some strong competition such as the BMW x1 or Volkswagen Tiguan why is it so good well the XC 40 breezes you blissfully over most of the

undulations and expansion joints you’re likely to find on British roads and can even take the sting out of rougher edge potholes around town

there is a bit more side-to-side wobble at slower speeds but that’s par for the course with a high riding SUV compared with a regular car in the main it’s a

quiet Cruiser as well with little suspension or wind noise coming into the interior at speed there is some Road rule though if you choose to go for the

20 inch alloy wheels these seats are some of the best you’ll find in a small SUV they’re supportive and offer plenty of adjustment and that means finding

your perfect driving position should be a doddle it also means you’ll remain comfortable even over long distances now you sit high up in the XC 40 but even higher

than you would in say a BMW x1 the benefit of that is you get a great view out at the road ahead but as we’ve come to expect in this class the view out the

back window isn’t so good it’s fortunate then that every XC 40 comes with rea parking sensors as standard and inscription cars get front sensors too

there’s also a rear-view camera and even a bird’s-eye view camera on the options list to help should you need it now in terms of interior quality Volvo is now

up there with the very best in the business and this XE 40 is no exception everything you touch feels reassuringly well built so should stand the test of

time and there are lots of soft materials dotted around plus a few nice premium touches such as his metal trim here on the dashboard and these

chrome vents here it really does have the air of a truly premium product this car now as with most modern Volvo’s the interior of the XC 40 is dominated by

this large central touchscreen and that means there are very few other buttons dotted around which in theory sounds great in practice though it makes even

the simplest of tasks such as changing the temperature or even the radio station harder than it should be at least it comes with plenty of features

like sat-nav and DA B radio is standard pluses apple carplay and android auto smart phone mirroring on the options list you won’t struggle for space here

in the front of the XC 40 there’s plenty of head and legroom and Volvo has even been clever in moving the speakers from the lower doors higher up to free up

every last inch there’s lots of space for your odds and ends – including this removable and washable bin in between the front seats there’s a space here at

the base this center console a glovebox – and both door bins will easily hold a couple of large water bottles climb into these rear seats and it’s a similarly

impressive story with plenty of headroom even if you go for the optional panoramic glass roof and plenty of legroom – I have this driver’s seat set

fairly far back and I can still sit behind a similarly tall driver and have plenty of space and be comfortable over long distances as ever though fitting

three people back here will be a bit of a squeeze there are other issues too because these high windows will make it fairly difficult for children to see out

and you can’t get a flexible sliding and reclining rear bench as you can in a BMW x1 or Volkswagen Tiguan with 460 litres available the Volvo XC

40s boot is considerably smaller than both the BMW x1 and Volkswagen Tiguan but it’s usefully square shape as well as this large underfloor storage area

means that when we tested it we managed to fit seven carry-on suitcases inside exactly the same number as a Volkswagen Tiguan there’s no load lip either and

that makes loading or unloading large items easier than it would otherwise be go for the convenience pack and you also get this handy divider which you

can slot into place like that and it stops smaller items from rolling around during your journey there are other handy touches too including these hooks

which are useful for hanging your shopping bags on the XC 40 is competitively priced against its key rivals and it’s actually relatively

cheap to buy if you go for a PCP finance deal now regardless of whether you’re looking at one as a company car or as a private buyer it’s the entry-level d4

diesel engine which we recommend you do get plenty of kit is standard too because even the most basic momentum models come with sat-nav climate and

cruise controls LED headlights and automatic emergency braking if you can though it’s worth upgrading to the sporty are design models because then

you’ll get half leather sport seats and rear privacy glass to now as well as a eb every XC 40 comes with a system which can steer you back into your lane if you

start to cross the center line of the road and additional safety equipment including a blind spot monitoring system adaptive cruise control and rear cross

traffic alert are all on the options list the XC 40 is one of the very bestnew cars on sale it mixes style with safety space with comfort and impresses

in almost every area now for a full online review

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