2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review the Alfa Romeo Giulia is an executive saloon a stylish Italian rivals to the BMW 3-series mercedes-benz c-class and Audi a4 it’s still fun to drive but it’s

more focused on comfort in everyday usability rather than out in out sporting utility this Giulia Quadrifoglio though is a completely

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review

different animal it’s a performance saloon whose rivals include the storming bmw m3 and the Mercedes AMG c63 to compete here then the Julia needs to

show it has thrilling performance engaging handling and the ability to put a smile in your face come rain or shine and it also needs to do all of that

while remaining every bit as practical as the regular Giulia now in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive what it’s like inside and how easy it is

to live with and remember if at the end of it all you are interested in buying a new car including a now for a mayor and click on our new car deal section

for now though let’s take this Giulia Quadrifoglio out for a spin in the Giulia your right foot is connected to a 2.9 liter v6 petrol engine which

produces 503 brake horsepower now that’s enough to get the car from naught to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds making it one of the fastest sports saloons around

in fact it will keep going onto a top speed of 191 miles per hour although suggest you take our word for that now a sport saloon like this will live or die

based on the way it drives so it’s good to know that in this regard at least the Giulia is among the very best it is hugely entertaining car to drive quickly

and there’s no lag from the turbocharger when you press the accelerator just instant shove and instant power there’s a variety of driving modes to play with

including a race mode which really makes the it’s engine and automatic gearbox combination in fact if you enter this mode the Julia barks loudly everywhere

it goes and it really seems to suit the car sporting nature in fact the only downside here is that the juniors brakes are a little disappointing the pedal

feels quite vague and it’s quite hard to judge how much braking force you’ll need when slowing down for a corner there’s nothing wrong though with the way this

Julia handles thanks to its bespoke suspension setup which you can stiffen at the touch of a button there’s next to no body roll through corners add that

with the fact that there’s plenty of grip from those front wheels and it’s steering is nice and precise and the junior Quadrifoglio is one of the very

best sports saloons especially if you’re driving at some pace in fact the only downside is the amount of road noise that enters this interior when you’re

cruising along the motorway you sit low down inside this alfa romeo giulia meaning you naturally adopt a more hunkered down driving position which

seems to suit the car’s nature you should be able to get comfortable pretty quickly because there’s lots of adjustment both in this seat and in this

steering wheel but if you can we recommend going for these optiona carbon-fiber sport seats because they’re more heavily bolstered and will keep you

more stable through the corners now entry-level juniors can feel a little cheap inside but that’s not something that can be said for this Quadrifoglio

model you get more leather and this carbon fiber effect trim really lifts the whole interior into roughly the same level as BMW and Mercedes even though

there are still some cheap of feeling switch gear here and some rough plastics lower down on the centre console this infotainment system – both in the way it

looks and in terms of how easy it is to use can’t quite match up to rivals like BMWs iDrive system or Mercedes Command software it does though cover all the

basics and you get things like sat-nav Bluetooth connectivity and the da B radio the Giulia Quadrifoglio isn’t the sort of car most people will buy purely

for its practicality but it’s good to know that it is every bit as practical as the standard Giulia inside and that means there’s plenty of space for both

you and your family these seats are nice and wide meaning to adults consider cross from each other without ever feeling hemmed in and there’s also

plenty of space for your odds and ends as a large space here under the center armrest two cupholders here in front of the gear lever these door bins

can take a large water bottle and of course there’s a golf box as well moves to these rear seats and your passengers will have a decent amount of legroom but

only an adequate amount of headroom meaning taller adults may begin to suffer on longer journeys it’s also worth noting that although there is a

space in the middle here the junior Quadrifoglio is a strict four seater so no carrying five people in this car there’s a good amount of space inside

the Giulia Quadrifoglio boots more in fact and you’ll find in a bmw m3 and the same as you’ll find in a Mercedes AMG c63 and that means you should be able to

get a couple of large suitcases in here or a large weekly shop without breaking into a sweat it’s bad news though if you need to do some weekend DIY and need a

bigger space because there’s no way of dropping the rear seats not even as an option now the chances are that if you’re in the market for a performance

saloon like the alfa romeo giulia Quadrifoglio that running costs won’t be at the very top of your list of priorities still it’s good to know that

in terms of both fuel economy and co2 emissions this Giulia is competitive against its key rivals from BMW and mercedes-benz it’s worth noting though

that in terms of servicing costs whether as eye watering as you’d expect and if you pan on buying on a PCP finance deal then the junior Quadrifoglio doesn’t

hold on for its value as well as its key rivals and that affects how much you’re going to pay per month at least you getting a lot of equipment is standard

though 19-inch alloy wheels bluetooth connectivity cruise control leather trim inside it’s all standard station need to go to Matt with the options list maybe

just says carbon-fiber sport seats we mentioned earlier in terms of safety kit Euro encap has given the car a five-star rating and it comes with automatic

emergency braking with pedestrian detection and six airbags are standard now late no mistake the junior Quadrifoglio is a truly exceptional

performance saloon it can’t quite match up to its key rivals in terms of interior quality but it more than makes up for that

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