2020 Alpine A110 review

2020 Alpine A110 review if there’s a hint of petrol in your veins then you may remember the original Alpine a110 it was a tiny rear-engine sports car it wasn’t particularly

powerful but thanks to its nimble handling and lightweight helped it secure the first World Rally Championship in 1973 but no one has seen

Alpine since 1995 after a decline in sales and the company closed its doors until now when parent company Renault has brought it back to life with this

2020 Alpine A110 review

modern interpretation but how does it compare to modern rivals such as the Porsche Cayman and Jaguar f-type we’re going to find out and remember we don’t

the a110 is an utter joy to drive it gets a fizzing 1.8 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine pushing out 249 brake horsepower which

is teamed with a dual clutch automatic gearbox it might not seem like a lot of power but it weighs about the same as a basic Ford Fiesta and lightness is part

of the success of the alkene it’ll scoop from nought to 62 miles per hour in a rapid 4.5 seconds but if you’re not in a drag race you don’t need to redline it

in every gear to make Swift progress sure there’s a slight delay from pressing your foot on the throttle pedal to the power going to the rear wheels

but it is never enough to irritate now it’s true that some enthusiasts might be saddened to hear there’s no manua gearbox available in the a 110 but

there’s still a lot to Life about this mathematic one stick it in comfort mode and it will calmly slur between the gears in sports mode the shifts are

sharpened up and it’s more willing to hold on to a lower gear while track mode is the most aggressive and satisfying setting it forces the gearbox into

manual mode which puts you in full control of the gears it then swaps gears with no hesitation when you pull the wheel mounted paddles we would say that

the caimans PDK automatic gearbox is slightly quicker shifting and more responsive though but the real jewel in the a1 tens crown is its handling the

steering is lighter than you’d expect from a modern sports car but it allows you to place the a 110 nose with millimeter accuracy and it’s much more

communicative than the f-type and even the Caymans that a 110 feels as balanced and athletic as a ballet dancer making even the Cayman feel a bit heavy in

comparison it sounds brilliant too there’s an enthusiastic roar when you paint your foot on the throttle and even some pops and bangs when you

take your foot off it sounds like a proper sports car in fact it sounds better than the latest Jaguar f-type 2 liter and even the latest four-cylinder

Porsche Cayman at first glance that a 110 s interior looks pretty luxurious we’ve got leather on the steering wheel door cards and dashboard a sprinkling of

sporty carbon-fiber there are even bits of it’s aluminium chassis on show for some added drama but you don’t have to hunt hard to find some cheaper materials

the plastics are ok under touch but they’re still quite hard and it is th price you pay for the lightweight design of the Alpine it’s certainly not as plush as a Porsche

Cayman the a110 gets a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system mounted in the middle of the dash which gets the usual DAV radio Bluetooth and sat-nav

it’s a pain that apple carplay and android auto aren’t available and just stuck with a fiddly app if you do want to control certain functions of the car

via a smartphone overall this system runs the f-type s’ pretty close and both feel weak next to the Caymans more responsive easier to further and more

feature heavy system it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position because the seat moves forwards and backwards quite a lot and the steering wheel adjusts for

reach and rake one criticism though which is a positive and a negative it’s great for on circuit because these are proper sport seats however there’s no

recline function so on the road some people might find it a little bit irritating visibility isn’t the a110 strongest point the rear screen is tiny

and you have to pay extra to get parking sensors and a rear camera and then the a pillar and the pillars at the back do hamper your view at junctions on a plus

point though because the vehicle is so small it is very easy to place it exactly where you want it to be on the road there’s no two ways about it the Alpine a110

is a small car however even if you’re 6 foot tall you will still be able to get comfortable in here thanks to some peaks in the roofline here to accommodate a

little bit of extra Headroom and plus the seats go far back as well terms of storage it’s pretty much non-existent inside here because there’s

no glove box no door bins and no real cubby holes to speak of so travel light there is however somewhere to pop the key being mid-engine to the a110 has two

boots which are similarly sized but capacity is pretty poor to say the least the front boot is shallow and can only take one carry-on suitcase while the one

at the back has a tiny opening the a110 is available in two trim levels pure and legend it’s the entry level pure that you want to go for because it includes

things such as aircon and sat-nav and it keeps a price competitive against its rivals go up to legend spec and the price jumps up but you do get parking

sensors and a reversing camera along with things such as upgraded brakes an active sport exhaust system as well as six-way electrically adjustable and

heated seats the a 110 small engine and lightweight means it won’t break the bank to run it has better fuel economy than both the Jaguar f-type and Porsche Cayman

there’s no reliability information for the Alpine a110 however it does come with a 60,000 mile 3-year warranty which is about average for class safety is a

bit disappointing though because it only comes with two airbags and you can’t spec or attic emergency braking even as an option for hugely involving and

entertaining handling look no further than Alpine a110 with its rapid performance and sublime chassis it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face

every time you get behind the wheel put simply the Alpen a 110 is one of the most rewarding sports cars you can buy regardless of what your budget is for

plenty more on the Alpine a110 including our full online review

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