2020 Audi A3 Cabriolet review

2020 Audi A3 Cabriolet review we brits love our open-top cars despite our temperamental weather although we’ve been very lucky today we buy more of them than the Spanish Italians and

French just because we like the wind in our hair though doesn’t mean to say we have to compromise on space and practicality with our weather it’s

important for a convertible to have decent enough driving managed to put smile on your face whether the sun is shining or not we’ll find out if the a3

2020 Audi A3 Cabriolet review

Cabriolet can do this in our review as well as revealing our favorite engine and trim level and seeing if it’s better all-round than its rival the BMW 2

Series Convertible and remember if you’re in the market for a new car you can head to our new car deal section where we can help save you thousands

firstly let’s see what this a3 Cabriolet is like on the road there are two diesel and two petrol engines to choose from but our favorite is the 1.5 litre

turbocharged petrol fitted to the car that we’re testing today it’s cheaper to buy than the more powerful petrol and diesels and it’s fitted with some clever

technology called cylinder on demand which deactivates two cylinders which helps save you money on fuel and it’s almost as light on fuel as a

it’s not as agile to drive as its main rival the BMW 2 Series that said it does change direction keenly and it grips well through the corners

the only bugbear is the road noise which can be quite intrusive if you go for a car with the sport suspension or if yo go for the s-line model with the wider

alloys it’s worth noting that if you want the s-line sporty styling you can pick this trim level and change its suspension to the softer dynamic setup

for free doing this will reduce the a threes crashing as over potholes as for the gearbox you can specify Howdy’s automatic S tronic gearbox but we

wouldn’t bother because the payback for super slick fast gear changes when you’re driving with some pace it’s some rather jerky uncomfortable gear changes

when driving around town and also parking OD has really mastered the art of creating opulent interiors and the a3 Cabriolet is no exception

its clad in soft touch materials lat aluminium trim and metallic detailing it’s really lovely in here in terms of getting comfortable for driving there is

plenty of adjustment in the seat and the steering world only criticism is that lumbar support does not come as standard so if you’re a long-distance driver

we recommend backing that in terms of visibility it’s great with the roof down but with the roof up it’s a little difficult to see out the back however

you do get parking sensors as standard also coming as standard is our DS MMI infotainment system and you control most of the cars functions using this chunky

rotary dial here it’s one of the best to use on the market and it has some practical touches such as raised buttons so you can make some adjustments without

taking your eyes off the road too long it’s a game of two halves when it come to practicality with the Audi a3 Cabriolet because well it’s great in the

front and poor in the back let me explain if you’re six-foot you will find there is plenty of room to stretch out I’m only five foot four and a half so I

don’t really ever have that problem when it comes to storage spaces we have got one underneath the armrest and there’s two cupholders in front of the gear

shifter and it’s a big bottle of water we don’t fit in the door bin not safely it’s definitely not going to go in the cup holder what about the glove box yes

we have a winner and somewhere to put sunglasses which we will need on a day like today and as you can see in the back there is not as much space so I get

a cup holder which is great but if you’re sitting behind somebody who’s six foot tall your knees are likely to be up like that and seats are quite upright

and not the most comfortable so I think it’s probably safe to say that howdy definitely favors the people sitting in the front for a convertible that a3

Cabriolet does have a decent sized boot okay it might not look like it at the moment but with a bit of clever camera trickery as you can see it was a lot

bigger and you can easily fit sizable weekly shop or a couple of large suitcases in this guise though the load play is quite shallow and tricky to

access one good thing about the a3 Cabriolet is that you don’t have to break the bank by stocking up on extras even entry-level sport trim comes with a

digital radio sat-nav and chill zone climate control this s line version meanwhile gets large alloy wheels part leather upholstery and LED

lights as four engines we’d opt for the 1.5 litre petrol because it’s innovative technology keeps emissions down and fuel economy up the Audi a3 Cabriolet may not

be as involving to drive as a BMW 2 Series cab relay however it has a more luxurious interior and a marginally bigger and more accessible boot so for

those who had like an affordable way to enjoy drop-top motoring and our family of four

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