2020 Audi A6 review

2020 Audi A6 review hello and welcome to a walk our first drive we’re in Porto and this is the new Audi a6 what’s the Audi a6 well it’s an executive car and it counts among its

rivals the BMW 5-series the Mercedes e-class and the Jaguar XF so if you hadn’t guessed it’s in a highly competitive class with some really good

2020 Audi A6 review

quality drivers but what was the old a6 like well it was smooth it was classy it was refined it had a nice interior but it just lacked that dynamic edge to make

it one of the best driving cars in the class so for that reason always trailed the 5 Series in the e-class but the 2018 the fifth generation models

had a big rework to try and improve in some of those areas chief among the changes are a new set of mild hybrid engines a rework suspension and an

updated interior that along with the exterior looks borrows from the bigger Lda eight so let me tell you a bit about the engines well the range kicks off

with a 2-liter 4-cylinder TDI engine and that’s expected to be the big seller in the UK then you have two three liter TDI diesel engines in two different states

at you then the top of the range you have a three liter tfsi petrol v6 the badging for them is slightly complicated but I’ll try and run you through it so

the 2-liter TDI is the 40 and then the 3 litre lower powered one is 45 the higher powered 3 litre v6 is the 50 and the range-topping petrol is 55 the hybrid

system is a very interesting for the more powerful engines they get a 48 volt system which basically enables th engine to turn itself off and run on

battery power alone at speeds between 34 miles an hour and 99 miles per hour so that means when you’re coasting on the motorway and lift off the accelerator

and use cruise control you don’t have to use cruise control but that’s the best way and most efficient way to use the system then it can actually turn the

engine off and then turn it on again if you accelerate or decelerate using the battery howdy says that the engine can be off for a maximum of 40 seconds in one go

after those 40 seconds then the battery will turn the engine back on and it will start recharging itself because the battery isn’t big enough to do it for

any longer so it’s an impressive piece of technology and it’s good because it’s one of those things that works without you even realizing that it’s happening

so for that reason it’s very good however it seems like quite a complicated system to put in place for only 40 seconds of use and that’s on a

full charge as well but still it’s better to have it than not and at the minute it’s quite a headline-grabbing piece of news for the car although

further down the line other manufacturers in this class will be releasing similar systems to that the entry-level diesel though the 2-liter

4-cylinder doesn’t get that technology or at least not that same size so it gets a slightly smaller battery and a smaller voltage system and that means

that it can only turn the engine off for around 10 seconds but all of this reall helps reduce co2 emissions what about the performance of these engines then

well we’re driven the 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine and it’s good it strikes the best compromise of performance and economy in the range so it doesn’t feel

sluggish this is quite a big heavy car but it doesn’t feel underpowered with that engine it picks up nicely the mild hybrid system does help reduce

turbo lag but it is still noticeable so if you floor it there is a bit of a stop before everything kind of kicks in and the power really moves you along but

it’s smooth it’s quiet as well and it’s efficient so that will be the Pick of the range what about the ride well it’s smoother than the last model that’s for

sure and the suspension has been completely reworked so it’s good to see that that’s having a positive impact but it does feel like it still isn’t quite

as sophisticated as a 5 Series or even as an eClass so in the a6 it’s smooth and on these silk Portuguese roads is having no problem at all but

the imperfections in the road it does pick them up and it does have a more noticeable impact on the ride than it does in the BMW and in the Mercedes so

it’s still smooth there’s not much to complain about but it’s not quite as polished and silken as its German rivals even when you get it up too high a

motorway speeds there’s kind of an underlying fidget to the ride the suspension there’s quite a confusing amount of suspension choices as well I try and run

you through them there’s for the entry-level sport model gets standard steel spring suspension or the option of adaptive suspension or air suspension if

you opt for s line confusingly s line gets sport suspension so that’s the steel springs but ten millimeters lower and then it also gets the option of

adaptive and air we’ve driven a good range of them today and we’d say from our experience that the adaptive is the best one to go for the steering is

smooth predictable nicely weighted but it doesn’t quite have the nice weight of the five series and it doesn’t have that sharp turning that you get on the Jaguar

XF either and also even though it’s actually a little bit lighter it doesn’t feel as agile as its rivals and when you do push on through the corners

it doesn’t quite control its body with the same level of sophistication that the BMW or the Jaguar or even the Mercedes manages to do so is a bit of

body roll the pedals lack a little bit of sensitivity as well the brake pedal especially it just feels a bit numb so obviously the brakes work and they’re

very good if you need to use them but the pedal feel it feels like there’s a little bit of dead travel before anything seems to happen and then it

doesn’t offer much resistance back so it just means that if you’re driving around town slowly then trying to judge smooth stops just a little bit more difficult

the gearbox is okay but when you put it in dynamic mode is a bit frustrating because it seems to hold on to the gears for a lot longer than you’d like and

also it’s not very good at judging its shifts but the way around that is by putting it in manual mode so you can take control of the shifts yourself but

even then they’re not quite as snappy and not quite as sharp as in their rivals we only driven the Quattro models and as you can imagine it feels like

there’s plenty of grip brilliant handling isn’t the be-all and end-all in this class but it is important so the Audi a6 does the

standard things like being smooth and comfortable very well but it does just lose its appeal and you try and push on through quicker winding roads and when

you compare it to something like the vnw 5 series it’s a more rounded option dynamically so you can push it hard it’s really enjoyable to drive or you can

ease off and treat it more as a relaxing car and it does all of those things brilliantly whereas the a6 doesn’t quite have the rounded appeal of the BMW but

it’s still a fine car the a6 also comes packed with autonomous technology that’s also available in the Audi a8 now it’s not a standard you do have to option

some of it but that’s fine that’s to be expected the frustrating thing is like with the a8 a lot of the more advanced autonomous features aren’t actually

allowed to be used on public roads yet so you’ll have to wait for them but it’s a really nice executive car to just cruise around in there’s plenty of space

up here the virtual cockpit is brilliant it’s a nice Airy cabin it’s so robustly put together inside and really it’s everything you’ve come to expect from

the very latest Audi’s it really is brilliant inside let’s take a closer look at the interior we were big fans of the old a-sixes interior but things in

this class have moved on quite a lot since then so now the new a6 is bang right up to date with our DS latest technology borrowed from the a8 as

standard you get this dual screen layout on the dashboard the lesser trims gets a slightly smaller screen on the top but you can option a bigger screen to have

and the highest spec models get that as standard our DS brilliant virtual cockpit is also an option but it’s one definitely worth getting there are two

trims available entry-level sport and above that s-line the space on offer in the a6 is very generous up front there’s loads of adjustment and steering wheel

and the very comfortable seats and no one will feel cramped up front in the back space is also really good and on a par with the 5 Series we’d say legroom

is very generous Headroom 2 is good the boot is a great size and it’s very similar to the 5 Series and the e-class the new audi a6 carries on where the old

model has left off that means it’s still smooth it’s still classy it’s still refined but it doesn’t quite have the dynamic edge to earn it the top honors

in this class so that means the five series is still the best executive car that you can buy but it’s true that the new a6 has a brilliant interior and

that’s a real benefit to the car plus there’s a good amount of space on offer don’t for

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