2020 Citroen Berlingo MPV review

have you forgotten about MPVs to be honest we wouldn’t blame you if you had with the fevered popularity of SUVs but if you want a lot of space for a lot of

people then a people carrier is definitely worth looking at the Citroen valenko previously called the villain go multi space has done such a good job

that rivals such as the Vauxhall combo life and the Peugeot rift to have spawned off it trouble is the billing go couldn’t quite disguise its origins from

a van which is clear to see and even more apparent when driving car based MTV’s such as Ford s-max or Volkswagen Touran this new billing go has its work

cut out then but it’s aiming to offer more luxury and refinement than ever before as well as plenty of safety features could this blingo be a smart buy then

keep watching this video review to find out because we’ll be putting the billing go through its paces in every area and remember we don’t just review cars at

what car we can help save you money on your next new car just go to our new car deal section at what card com first though let’s take it for a drive

engine choice in the filling go is refreshingly simple there’s a 1.2 petrol if you’d like to go for a petrol and a 1.5 diesel if it’s a diesel that you’re

looking for and both come in various power guises even in its lowest power guise the petrol still pulls quite well although if you’d like to drive it

swiftly do have to get into higher revs the diesel on the other hand is most impressive in the 128 brake horsepowe which pulls really well and is perfectly

suited for those who wish to transport lots of people and their luggage you can go for a manual gearbox or an automatic if you go for the manual overall it is

fairly slick shifting however is not as smooth as what you will find in a Volkswagen Touran or Ford s-max and if you go for the automatic it’s a little

bit hesitant when pulling away from traffic lights or merging onto roundabouts that said you do have some paddle shifts that you can take full

control of your gears the steering is accurate and light at lower speeds to make parking and maneuvering around town easy the Burling go offers a nicely

relaxed ride with pleasantly little road noise especially when you take the big body into account there is some wind noise especially from around the wing

mirrors and windscreen but this is also true of many of the be lingos rivals the car also have a habit of leaning into the corners a bit an effect that’s

heightened by the fact that the passenger seats don’t have a lot of side support thankfully though the driver’s seat does have absolutely

the Citroen ver lingo is a family car at heart which means there’s some interesting textured materials around the dash for example and across here and

they’re really designed so that they can just be wiped clean their ethos of being family friendly extends to these dolls which are chunky and straightforward to

use so you can easily adjust the air-conditioning settings you do ge some more luxurious touches though for example this 8-inch touchscreen which

looks impressive however when you use it it’s actually quite tricky to use and some of the buttons you have to press twice before it does anything which is a

little bit frustrating when it comes to space and practicality the billing go pretty much aces everything that you can throw at it there is plenty of room for

tall adults sitting in the front and there’s also lots of storage so we’ve got one underneath here we’ve got another one behind the infotainment

screen another one here decent-sized Orban’s but I wouldn’t recommend putting water in there because it might fall out however this can be cooled using the air

conditioning settings so family bag of fruit big bottle of water we’ve got a cup holder here smaller bottle fits in there and a family bag of bananas all of

the passenger seats fold down to and lie relatively flat meaning you can return the billing go to its van origins with a massive space for storing pretty much

anything even with those seats raised the boot is still huge few cars in this class come close to matching the billing go for the amount of luggage it can hold

one word of warning though because some of these storage solutions such as an overhead compartment above the boot are optional extras these sliding rear doors

are also hugely practical as is the flat floor because three adults can sit side-by-side relatively comfortably let me show you yep pretty comfortable and if you’ve got

three children and you’ve got the narrow car seats there’s three sets of ISOFIX and the good news continues with price because the BER lingo undercuts most of

the car based MPVs whether you’re buying by cash or on a PCP finance deal but when you look at the van based siblings including the voxel combo life and the

Peugeot Rift er you’ll see that pricing is more similar across the range the villain goes fuel economy is competitive the seventy four brake horsepower diesel

has an official figure of sixty eight point nine mpg while the 128 brake horsepower petrol comes in fifty one point for mpg the billing go shouldn’t

cost a lot to insure either and standard safety kit now includes automatic emergency braking and a lane departure warning field trim is our favorite

because although it does with our alloy wheels you still get that eight inch touch screen air conditioning cruise control and automatic headlights and wipers

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