2020 Cupra Ateca SUV review

2020 Cupra Ateca SUV review this is the grand debut of the Cupra attacker and if the Cupra name rings any bells for you is probably because you’ve heard it on the end of seoc or names

like the say at leon cupra where it signals a hot model of one of its cars but now the spanish manufacturers decided to chop it off the end of its

2020 Cupra Ateca SUV review

car names and put it at the front making it a sub brand in its own right and this is its first car it’s caused quite a stir because it’s swooped in and created

a class all on its own quite simply there’s no other performance SUV that offers anywhere near as much pace and power for under forty thousand pounds

and if you’re interested in buying a cooper attacker head to the watcard new car buying section to see how much money you could save but is this a risky and

unnecessary move from sale or is this a bold and exciting new name in motoring let’s find out this high riding port SUV has more than a little in common with

the Volkswagen Golf R hatchback so it gets the same engine gearbox and/or wheel drive system that the golf does that means it has plenty of power

it’s 296 brake horsepower 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine slingshots the attacker from naught to 60 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds and it will

steam on to a top speed of 152 miles per hour those numbers embarrass a Porsche Macan not to mention our favorite hot hatch the honda civic type-r now you

don’t need a physics PhD to realize that a low-slung hot hatch has far superior cornering ability than a high-riding SU like this so in the Cupra attacker when

you turn the wheel there is a bit of a delay between the nose reacting more so than you’d get in a hot hatch and when the cord does turn

get more bodily and ultimately less grip as well so this performance HTV is not as good around the corner as the very best hot hatchbacks is that a great

surprise no but doesn’t mean you can’t have fun absolutely not this is still a really fun car to drive and by SUV standards it handles really impressively

well you can carry a serious amount of pace through faster boards the steering in the Cooper attacker isn’t blessed with as much feedback as you get in a

Porsche McCann’s but it’s still accurate the Macan though does feel like a more athletic focused performance SUV with sporty-er adjustable handling but the

Cooper attacker isn’t a million miles away and considering it is significantly cheaper that is a very impressive accomplishment choose the more

comfortable of the two damper settings and it doesn’t feel any firmer than a big wheeled regular sail attacker unless you’re in Cupra mode at which point

things do get very bumpy and it also makes the steering unpleasantly heavy there’s a bit of road noise at motorway speeds and a cooper attacker but none

more so than you’d expect from a standard se attacker the engines muted note also means a steady cruise you can hardly hear a peep out of it which is

nice if you’re a fan of refinement but a little bit disappointing if you want full-blooded performance SUV you’d like a bit more drama from the acceleration

if you didn’t notice the copper-colored emblem in the middle of the steering wheel you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is just the standard sale at a

current area but that’s no bad thing because the driving position is excellent the standard instrument dials are very clear the dashboard has a very

user-friendly layout and the visibility all-round is pretty good and that’s even before you factor in the 360 degree bird’s-eye camera that comes a standard

some might wish for a little bit more glitz and glamour in their interior and while the quality is very impressive all in 25,000 pound family SUV actually now

we’re in a performance SUV with a much higher asking price it’s a little underwhelming but the 8-inch infotainment system that you get the

standard is reasonably easy to get your head around and very similar to everything else you’ll find in a VW Group and it comes loaded with features

as well so you get a wireless phone charger with a signal booster da B radio bluetooth as well as apple carplay and android

auto perhaps the most obvious reason for choosing a cooper a tech er SUV over a conventional hot hatchback is its superior practicality let’s start with

the front seats and the first thing to mention is that they’re actually much easier to get into and out of than a conventional hot hatchback and that’s

because the seats aren’t set quite so low to the ground as they are in a Civic type-r for example and then when you’re in the seats there’s plenty of head leg

and shoulder room as well as for practicality up front well remember this is basically a set attacker so there’s plenty of storage compartments and it’s

a similar story in the back here as well so although legroom is good it’s not actually significantly better than what you get in a hot hatchback but Headroom

most definitely is so a couple of six-footers will sit in the back here very comfortably and that’s even though the Cupra doesn’t have any special

practicality tricks up its sleeve like sliding and reclining rear seats which is something that you can get on more expensive performance SUVs like the Audi

sq5 boot space is just as impressive as it is on the standard attacker and that means that you should comfortably be able to take your family away on a

week’s holiday and just for the record we managed to fit seven carry-on suitcases in the boot of the cooper attacker up to the parcel shelf line

which is the same that we managed to fit in the Porsche Macan and the Civic type-r all three are impressively practical on the one hand the asking

price of around 36,000 pounds seems pretty lofty given the Cupra tech as humble origins and there’s no doubt that if you want something fun fast and

fairly practical you’ll get better value from any number of hot hatchbacks the best being the Honda Civic type-r but if you want all of those things in an SUV

silhouette then the Cooper attacker is actually your cheapest option it cost thousands less than the Porsche Macan Mercedes GLA 45 AMG and the Audi sq5

keyless entry and start adaptive suspension digital instrument dials and a self parking system all feature and standard the SE attacker on which the

Cooper is based scored five stars in the euro n cap crash test and comes with automatic emergency braking as standard so the Cooper should prove to be just as

safe the Macan isn’t nearly so reassuring when it comes to safety features now as you said standard equipment is impressive but

there are two optional packs that you can add as well the first one is called comfort and sound that brings an upgraded stereo system and electric

tailgate heated front seats and some additional safety features as well it’s definitely worth considering the other one is called design and that gives you

different wheels some Brembo brakes and a black interior styling pack as well that one’s less worthy of recommendation you can also add both of them together

which is what we’ve got here we’ve seen a bar seperate from fear and D s separate from Citroen but in truth neither of those sub brands has made a

great impact on the automotive world with lackluster products and mediocre sales if Cupra is to be a success it has to start with a cracking product and

that is exactly what it’s done it takes the winning family SUV formula of thesay attacker and add lashings of power and pace to give us a product that’s

reassuringly familiar and yet different.

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