2020 Dacia Duster SUV review

2020 Dacia Duster SUV review so here’s a question what’s the cheapest new SUV you can buy in the UK SUVs are currently all the rage so surely one that combines the going us

styling with the practicality of an SUV and a low low price is on to a winner step in the Dutchie a duster the Duster is the Sandero hatchbacks beefier cousin

and since the sand era has picked up a path aura of what car Awards over the years our hopes are high for this second generation duster and it needs to be

2020 Dacia Duster SUV review

good because although it costs a great deal less to buy than rivals such as the ser – tecar and listen cash Kai buyers will be pitching it against these cars in their heads

so has Dutch here done enough to compete with the big boys in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive how spacious it is how

easy it is to live with and remember if at the end you’re interested in buying one go – what car calm and go to our new car deal section where we can help save

you thousands first though let’s take it for a drive – it takes a refreshingly simple approach to most things an engine range is included in that there’s two to

choose from one petrol which is a 1.6 and one diesel which is 1.5 the 1.6 petrol is not the most refined or potent petrol engine out there

however when driving around town it’s got enough power and it’s also fairly good on fuel the only downside is that if you really want to get going

we push it and when you do it still feels utterly gutless so if you do a lot of motorway miles it’s probably no going to suit you so if you do backup

those miles that the 1.5 diesel could be the one for you it’s a lot more powerful and it’s still very efficient but on the downside it’s more expensive to buy and

it also sends a bit of a vibration through the cabin in terms of gearboxes there’s no automatic available the petrol comes with a five-speed and

the diesel get a six-speed box now the dust is guilty little secret is that it’s actually based on the old Renault Clio so ride comfort and the suspension can

feel an old-fashioned and you particularly notice this on the motorway if you go for a version with 4-wheel Drive then you get more sophisticated

suspension which improves comfort but these models also cost more to buy that said 4×4 SUVs don’t come any cheaper than this around town the dusters small

wheels and large tires help to iron out lumps and bumps in the road it doesn’t feel quite as composed on a faster country roads though the Duster handles

predictably well when it comes to everyday driving conditions it’s soft suspension does mean that there’s a bit of lean in the corners and the steering

can feel a bit stodgy that’s not a problem when driving around town but come out onto these faster country roads and the Duster doesn’t really want to

change direction very quickly the old duster scored poorly when it came to refinement and while there’s still a fair bit of wind and road noise on offer

in this latest version it is an improvement both engines can be noisy i you work them hard too and especially the petrol if you’re looking for the high up

driving position that traditional SUV drivers get then you’re in luck because you definitely get that with the Duster it might be difficult to get a

comfortable driving position though because although the seat adjusts plenty and the steering wheel adjust for reach and rake unlike the previous generation

there is no where to rest your clutch foot this seats the more comfortable – because there’s more padding and bolstering than the previous generation

and if you like simplicity you will love this – because there’s chunky rotary controls and the stereo buttons are very basic as well unfortunately while it

looks simple the material choices on offer in here are the biggest betrayal of dutchies budget origins putting it nicely there’s no getting away from the

fact that the Duster has been built to a price so don’t expect the kind of plush soft plastics you’ll find on more expensive rivals obviously though none

of that will be an issue if you view your duster as a utilitarian workhorse you get a good view out the front of your duster but unfortunately the

upswept rear windows and thick pillars do hinder the rear view somewhat and if you’d like parking aids you need to go for the Comfort trim because that gets

you front & rear parking sensors and a reversing camera now if you go for the entry level access model the interior does feel quite Spartan and you don’t

even get a radio for company step up to essential trim though and you get Bluetooth a radio USB socket and auxiliary in step up again to comfort

trim oh and you get a seven-inch infotainment screen which is touchscreen and sat-nav built in but it all does feel quite dated though in terms of its

features and graphics when it comes to the space in the front of the Duster there’s plenty of room unless you’re well over 6 foot tall in which case you

may find there’s not quite enough legroom because they’re slightly less than compared to its rivals another annoying feature or lack of is that

there is no height adjustment on the passenger seat and if you go for the entry-level model there’s no height adjustment on the driver seat either and

in terms of storage it’s pretty good actually because we’ve got decent sized Orban that can fit this bottle of water there’s cupholder here this gearstick is very

large and does get in the way somewhat but at least you can find it easily when you need to change gear listen more storage here and the glove box is

average size and we’ve got another little ledge there space in the rear seats is good because there’s a decent amount of headroom and legroom and

depending on which type of car seats you have you can fit three child seats across the back and if you’ve got people in the back then the middle seat

passenger needs to put their feet on this central tunnel or straddle it depending on what is most comfortable and so to the boot the Duster really

impresses here because the space is immense compared with its rivals and even if you go for the four-wheel-drive version it only slightly eats into the

boot space there is plenty of room for a weekly shop or perhaps your family luggage for a holiday and it’s a really practical shape because it’s wide and

high and the load lip is also very low and if you’d like to create more room you can fold down the rear seats if you go for the entry level duster you’ll be

getting an SUV for a staggeringly low price just as well then that – it offers a strict no haggling policy so the price you see in the showroom is the price

you’ll pay even if you go for the plushy version it still undercuts its rivals by quite a lot and residual values are pretty good – the diesels cost more to

buy than the petrels and if you go for four-wheel drive they also cost considerably more our advice is to avoid the headline-grabbing access model and

go instead for the essential trim which adds air conditioning split folding rear seats and stereo controls on the steering wheel higher up trims add more luxury but also

cost more so be wary of spending too much unfortunately safety kit is where the Duster fills well off pace you get six airbags but there’s no option to add

automatic emergency braking and you only get blind spot monitoring on top of the range prestige overall then

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